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  1. SS8H9

  2. Different Kinds of Government Nazi Belief that Arians are the master race and should rule all. Communist A system where the government has supreme power and everything is shared among all classes. Democracy Everyone is given a vote and people are limited only by their ambitions.

  3. Hitler and Germany Hitler takes power by being elected Blames problems on Jewish people Starts to roundup Jewish people, Gypsies and handicaped

  4. 1935 Italy expands into North Africa Japan expanded in China and Asia in 1938. 1939 Germany invades Poland • Coming of WWII

  5. Germany and the War • Germany wants to be a world power • Upset that they were badly beaten in WWI • Wants to get even and try again • People listen to Adolf Hitler & NAZI party to bring back Germany pride • NAZI believe Germany and Aryans aka (German people are #1) • Kill all in their way

  6. US Stays out of war Germany, Italy and Japan team up Germany starts invading European Countries Germany attacks Poland and England & France declare War • Sides Team Up

  7. Axis Powers Germany Italy Japan Sides are drawn / Again!!! • Allied Powers • England • Russia (USSR) • Great Britian • China • Great Britain (England) • USA in 1941 VS Over 50 Nations Total Involved

  8. The War Begins!

  9. Poland Attacked: Sept. 1, 1939 Blitzkrieg [“Lightening War”]

  10. Poland Attacked: Sept. 1, 1939 Blitzkrieg [“Lightening War”]

  11. German Troops March into Warsaw

  12. Rome-Berlin-Tokyo Axis, 1940 The Tripartite Pact

  13. Germany takes over most Europe Germany takes over most of Europe Britain is alone Britain RAF Royal Air Force protects Britain U.S. sends them equipment

  14. Lend Lease Britain could not afford military equipment U.S. lent & leased them equipment

  15. Pearl Harbor December 7, 1941 Japan sneak attacks the U.S. Pacific fleet Pearl Harbor, Hawaii Caught by surprise Roosevelt declares war against Japan

  16. Over 320,000 volunteered Train soldiers Support troops food, supplied Boot camps in GA Fort Benning largest infantry training in the world Car makes now building tanks, jeeps etc. • Georgia's Role in WWII

  17. The war in Europe D-Day June 6, 1944 Allies Invade Europe in France Russia pushes from the west to east Stalingrad Push to Germany

  18. War in the Pacific Island Hopping - US invade and retake Japanese captured Island

  19. Bell Aircraft Spring 1943 opened Located in Marietta Assembled B29 Bomber Largest facility in south

  20. Savannah and Brunswick Shipyards Build liberty ships Liberty Ships Cheep quickly produced ships for WWII

  21. Exit Questions • 1. When was D-Day? • 2. What plane was produced in Georgia? • 3. Where was that plane produced? • 4. What place was the largest infantry training base in the world? • 5. When was Pearl Harbor? • 6. Where is Pearl Harbor? • 7. How many soldiers from Georgia volunteered? • 8. How did Savannah contribute to the war? • 9. What were the Liberty Ships? • 10. Write down one thing you learned about WWII.

  22. Holocaust on Georgians “The final solution of the Jewish People” Hitler believed that he needed to kill all Jews Setup death camps 6 million Jews killed 5-6 million others people killed Killed Jews, Poles, Czechs, Russians, Gypies, homosexuals, mentally or physically disabled

  23. Horrors of the Holocaust Exposed

  24. Horrors of the Holocaust Exposed Entrance to Auschwitz:Work Makes You Free Crematoria at Majdanek

  25. Horrors of the Holocaust Exposed Eli Wiesel Slave Labor at Buchenwald

  26. Horrors of the Holocaust Exposed Mass Graves at Bergen-Belsen

  27. Holocaust and Georgia • At the same time they learned of the atrocities in Europe, Jewish communities in the U.S. faced increased discrimination at home. • Though the U.S. was not officially engaged in the war, local communities organized support efforts. • Atlanta’s Jewish social service agencies raised funds to combat discrimination abroad. • Their successful fundraising continued throughout the war. • The Holocaust ended in 1945, when the Allied powers won the war and freed the people held captive in the camps.

  28. Hitler’s “Secret Weapons”:Too Little, Too Late! V-1 Rocket:“Buzz Bomb” V-2 Rocket Werner von Braun

  29. Hitler Commits Suicide April 30, 1945 Cyanide & Pistols The Führer’s Bunker Mr. & Mrs. Hitler

  30. V-E Day (May 8, 1945) General Keitel

  31. V-E Day (May 8, 1945)

  32. The Code Breakers of WW II The Japanese “Purple” [naval] Code Machine Bletchley Park The German “Enigma” Machine

  33. President Roosevelt's ties to GA Roosevelt dies in GA

  34. US entry helped end war Italy looses then Germany and Japan Last US fears invading Japan Pres. Truman okays Atomic Bomb to be used on Japan • Peace at Last