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SOR Management Tool

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SOR Management Tool - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SOR Management Tool
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  1. SOR Management Tool Angus Flett John Skingle

  2. SOR Management Tool • What does it do? • Captures Customer & BTW Statements Of Requirement (SOR) for • Product Enhancements • New Products • Allows you to track the progress of your SORs and see product updates • Why • To • Keep you informed of progress • Share our plans and targets dates to help you plan ahead and make decisions. • Engage you in developing new products & services

  3. SOR Management Tool Objective Keep you informed of SOR and development progress Improve customer engagement in the e2e development process Collaboratively develop new products in an agile manner using web technology Benefits for you today An SOR/Development management Portal Visibility of all your active and historic SORs Realtime data and updates from the Product Management community to you Future Benefits Visibility of Industry SORs The ability to collaboratively develop industry SORs The ability to collaborate on key projects activities Requirements capture Trials Share Working Documents

  4. What does the SOR Management Tool do? • Tracks all SOR’s through the regulated SOR process • Targets First response 15 Working days • Targets Accept / Reject Initial Offer within 60 working days • Provides Regular Updates Regular Customer Updates (Weekly) SOR Accepted Accept WD35 Commercial Change only Development / Delivery Project Workstack Initial Offer (WD35) SOR Submitted SOR Acknowledged (WD5) First response (WD15) Initial Offer (WD60) Accept WD60 Further consideration / Technical evaluation required Rejected WD 15 Rejected WD 35 / 60 Rejected

  5. What Does it Look Like? Visibility of all your SORs

  6. What Does it Look Like? Registering an SOR

  7. What Does it Look Like? Confirmation of Registration & forecast response timescales

  8. What Does it Look Like? Progress Update E-mails

  9. What Does it Look Like? Basic Reporting Day 1 • Select a report • Run the report • Export to Excel

  10. When can I expect it? SOR Management Tool - Roadmap

  11. SOR Management Tool Demonstration • Submit Statements of Requirements (SORs) for • new products • enhancements to existing products. • Register to track progress & get real-time updates via a • management portal Registered Portal Access Basic SOR Registration

  12. What do I need to Do? • Register as a User • Login: • Click on Not registered under the Login box • Click on User Registration • Complete the form • Click Submit . Once your registration has been validated you will be sent a password. • If you have submitted an SOR recently you may be already setup on the system. • Enter your e-mail address as the Username and ? As the password. • A password will be sent to you. • Review your SORs • Register New SORs • Click Create SOR from within your management portal • If you don’t want to use the management portal you can log SORs directly at • • Give us feedback • E-mail: if you encounter any problems with the SOR Management Tool.