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Migrating Your Business to an E-Business

Migrating Your Business to an E-Business. 11i Upgrade:. Robert Edmiston Technology Manager robert.edmiston@adsop.com. Applied Digital Oracle Practice. Certified Oracle Solution’s Provider Performed Oracle Apps implementation for Services, utilities and manufacturing companies

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Migrating Your Business to an E-Business

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  1. Migrating Your Businessto an E-Business 11i Upgrade: Robert EdmistonTechnology Manager robert.edmiston@adsop.com

  2. Applied Digital Oracle Practice • Certified Oracle Solution’s Provider • Performed Oracle Apps implementation for Services, utilities and manufacturing companies • Reseller for Sun and Compaq products • Experience in Financials, Distribution, Manufacturing and CRM

  3. Agenda • Release 11i • Technical Architecture • New Features • Planning Your Upgrade • Upgrade Process • Upgrade Resources and Tools • Questions and Answers

  4. Audience Participation • What is your job function? • DBA / Developer • IS Management • End user • Executive Management • Other

  5. Release 11i • Technical Architecture • New Features

  6. Release 11i: Oracle’s Third 100% Internet Release • World’s first applications designed to Run Globally Facilitate e-business

  7. Audience Participation • Are you upgrading from 10.7 or 11? • 10.7 Character • 10.7 SmartClient • 10.7 NCA • 11

  8. Architecture for 10.7 Characterand Client/Server Modes Release 10.7 – Character or SC Oracle 7/8 Data Server Concurrent Manager Character Forms GUI Forms Release 10.7 Character or SC Windows Desktop Data Server

  9. Windows Desktop& Data Server 11i New Technology Stack SHIFT Release 10.7 Character or SC Release 11i Browser & Web Servers

  10. Release 11i Technology Stack Database Tier Middle Tier Desktop Tier Data Server (8.1.6 ORACLE_HOME) Application Technology Stack Application Servers Admin Server Concurrent Processing Server WebDB 2.5 Apache (8.1.6) Forms Server Reports Server WebDB2.2 Listener Discoverer Server* (8.0.6 ORACLE_HOME) * Optional Standard Web Browsers

  11. New Features in Release 11i • Financials • Intercompany Segment • Matching receiptsto invoices • Order Management • Enhancedworkflow technology • Advanced pricingflexibility

  12. Planning Your Upgrade What is the status of your upgradeto Release 11i? • Very early planning • Beginning soon • In Process • Almost complete • Other

  13. Understand Product Information • New Feature Highlights • New Modules with R11i • Product Collateral (Oracle Apps Net) • Product Announcements • Data Sheets • Functional Overviews • White Papers

  14. Understand The Details • White Papers • Multi-Org • Internet Computing • Product Update Notes • Frequently Asked Questions

  15. Upgrade Hurdles Require Planning • Internal Justification • Resource Planning • Adoption of Technology • Release 11i Architecture Shift

  16. Project Demands Varied Resources • Functional staff to review new features • Technical staff for customization analysis and redevelopment • Technical Architect for new infrastructure • Database Administrator to perform the technical upgrade • Project Manager to ensure smoothly run project

  17. Planning: Understand your Approach • Different approaches for differentbusiness needs: Re-engineer Business Processes to take Advantage of New Features Remove Customizations Eclipsed by New Features Retrofit Misaligned Customizations Base Software Upgrade

  18. Upgrade Process • Category 1 – Before receiving new software • Category 2 – Before performing upgrade • Category 3 – Performing Upgrade • AutoUpgrade • Apply 11.5.x Maintenance pack • Category 4 – Before using Oracle Applications • Category 5 – Before using specific products • Category 6 – Before using specific features

  19. Minimize Downtime • Review contents of the 11i Upgrade • Perform multiple test upgrades • Migrate customizations • Continue running tests until zero failures • Ensure properly configured hardware • Use same hardware as Production upgrade • Upgrade may require more horsepower than normal production machine

  20. Minimize Downtime • Upgrade data server to 8.1.6 with current release • Before making your system unavailable • Purge, archive and clean data • Perform all category 1 and 2 steps • Analyze your database • Review the upgrade runtime statistics report for any long-running jobs

  21. Lessons Learned • There are more customizations in the system than the documented customizations • Testing will reveal potential problems • The Upgrade manual omits some required steps

  22. Upgrade Resources and Tools • Oracle Support Services • Metalink • Latest Patch Lists • Applied Digital Oracle Practice • Upgrade Manual

  23. Leverage Proven Migration Tools • Easipath Migration Method (EMM) • Oracle’s Upgrade Methodology • Task Descriptions • Sample Project Schedule • Pre-Loaded R11i Sample Deliverables

  24. Migration Assessment Update & Test Transition Production Commence Detailed Planning Your Upgrade Needs to Address the Following Processes: • Upgrade Processes • Project Management • Business Requirements Review • Requirements Mapping Update • Migrate Appl. & Tech. Architecture • Migrate Custom Extensions • Data Migration • Documentation • Business System Testing • Training • Production Migration Note: These processes are incorporated in EMM Advantage

  25. Begin Today • It Costs Nothing to Get Started • Keep Informed • Get Management Support with a strong business case

  26. Are You Ready? • Is Your Company Ready? • Are Your Executives Ready? • Are Your Employees Ready?

  27. Q& A Thanks for taking the time to attend!

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