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Today’s Goal: Better Bike Parking Facilities. PowerPoint Presentation
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Today’s Goal: Better Bike Parking Facilities.

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Today’s Goal: Better Bike Parking Facilities. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Today’s Goal: Better Bike Parking Facilities. Introduction. At the end of this session you will be able to… Explain the importance and relevance of bicycle parking best practices Differentiate between best practices based solutions and non-compliant options

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Presentation Transcript

Today’s Goal:

Better Bike Parking Facilities.

  • At the end of this session you will be able to…
  • Explain the importance and relevance of bicycle parking best practices
  • Differentiate between best practices based solutions and non-compliant options
  • Understand spacing guidelines to create successful parking solutions
why bike parking
Why Bike Parking?
  • Governments & industry are paying attention to bike infrastructure
  • Positive economic and health impact
  • Meet LEED & sustainability standards
why bike parking1
Why Bike Parking?
  • Experiential benefits such as access, safety & security from the cyclist’s perspective
  • Equality across all modes of transportation
  • Design complete streets & buildings
what are the best practices
What are the Best Practices?
  • Simple and Obvious Function
  • Two Points of Contact
  • Compatible
  • Compliment Surroundings
good examples
Good Examples

Some good examples of best practices based bike parking are:

  • Inverted U’s or A’s
  • Post & Ring
  • Cluster Rack or Hanger Rack
the inverted u
The Inverted ‘U’

Two Points of Contact

poor examples
Poor Examples

Racks that should be avoided include:

  • Toaster or Comb Racks
  • Spiral or Wave Racks
  • Wheel Benders
the toaster
The Toaster

Desire to lock frame.

Narrow spacing reduces usability.

the spiral
The Spiral

Angled rack results in tipping.

the wheel bender
The Wheel Bender

Can’t lock the frame!

the wave
The Wave

Space hogs!!


Space Guidelines

  • How much space does a cyclist & their bicycle need?
    • How much space do other modes of transportation get?
  • You need room to move…
  • Theoretical vs. Actual bike parking spaces
short term parking
Short-Term Parking
  • Typically, racks located outdoors
    • Should be close to building entrance
    • Placed for convenience (below)
short term site planning macro scale
Short-Term Site Planning: MACRO SCALE
  • As close as possible to the destination
  • Within 50 feet of the door – closer is better!
  • Visible from the destination
  • In a high traffic area
  • Weather protected

Short-Term Site Planning: Micro Scale

  • Read the specs!
  • In general give at least three feet of clearance around everything!
  • Consider pedestrian flows, disabled access, and emergency access
  • Don’t cram it in
long term
  • Long-Term Parking
    • Higher security
    • Can be further from the final destination
    • Intended to serve residents and commuters, not the public
long term considerations
Long-Term Considerations
  • Bike Shelters
  • Shared Bike Rooms or Bike Cages
  • Bike Lockers

The right accessories provide extra value to bike parking facilities.

  • Repair Stand, Air pump, Tools
  • Lockers, Changing / Showering Facilities
technical considerations materials finish
Technical Considerations:Materials & Finish

Bicycle racks typically come in a number of finishes, each with their own pros and cons.

  • Periodic check of bolts & anchors
  • Hanger racks may need straightening
  • Powder coating may need to be touched up from time to time depending on climate and usage

How many do I need?

  • A tricky question…
    • Current demand
    • Future growth
  • Survey / Count
    • Fly Parking
    • When / Where
credits resources
Credits & Resources
  • Prepared by:
    • Adam Cooper MCIP, RPP - Registered Professional Planner practicing in Transportation Planning

Reference Points

  • APBP Bicycle Parking Guidelines
  • The Danish Cycling Federation
  • Thunder Bay Bicycle Parking Guidelines
  • Cycle Parking Guide for New Residential Developments, City of Cambridge

Thank you!

Jason Alcott

Business Development

888-717-8881 x222