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Opener. 1. Copy Down Homework 2 . Get Out Document D and Practice Quiz on Texas Revolution begin working on opening questions 3. Annexation notes will go in your binder after the Document D…. . Annexation of Texas . “To Take as Territory”. For Annexation .

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  • 1. Copy Down Homework
  • 2. Get Out Document D and Practice Quiz on Texas Revolution
    • begin working on opening questions
  • 3. Annexation notes will go in your binder after the Document D….
annexation of texas

Annexation of Texas

“To Take as Territory”

for annexation
For Annexation
  • “…The Republic of Texas has made known her desire to come into our Union… enjoy with us the blessings of liberty secured and guaranteed by our Constitution. Texas was once a part of our country—was unwisely ceded away to a foreign power…”-President James Polk
  • “….(Texas) and her people, flesh of our flesh, and bone of our bone, and the great agreement of her people in wishing to become part of the United States, we are bound as patriots, as lovers of freedom…”

-Citizens of Philidephia PA to the House of Representatives

against annexation
Against Annexation

“Among the slaveholders of this country, territory of Texas, from the Mexican Republic, in order to re-establish the SYSTEM OF SLAVERY; to open a vast and profitable SLAVE MARKET…”

–Benjamin Lundy 1845

against annexation1
Against Annexation

“Annexation and war with Mexico are identical… Annexation would be to proclaim to the world an insatiable and unquenchable thirst for foreign conquest…” –Henry Clay 1844

“There are those who support and those who oppose the annexation of Texas upon the ground of the influence which it would gain, in the balance of political power…Such a principle…would risk the existence, if it did not certainly sow the seeds of a ending the Union.” –Henry Clay 1844

1844 polk elected president
1844: Polk elected President
  • 1844/45: James K. Polk elected as President, on a strong expansionist platform against Henry Clay
  • 1845: Congress votes to annex Texas; becomes 28th state
  • 1846: Polk negotiates treaty with Great Britain to secure Oregon along the “49th” parallel
1846 disputed boundaries
1846: Disputed Boundaries
  • US/Texans: Rio Grande River
  • Mexicans: Nueces River
war with mexico
War with Mexico…
  • April 25, 1846: Mexican soldiers fired on American troops patrolling the Rio Grande; 16 Americans were killed
  • April 27, 1846: Congress declares War on Mexico

Mexico President Mariano Paredes: A greedy people “have thrown themselves on our territory…The time has come to fight…”

now for a little education rap manifest destiny by mc lala
Now for a little Education Rap…“Manifest Destiny” By MC LaLa

mix n mingle review game
Mix n’ Mingle Review Game
  • Spend 5 minutes writing down as many definitions for the following terms/people
  • When the music starts mingle/talk to your classmates to tradedefinitions…
  • Keep mingling even when you get all your terms….