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Chocolongo. Crises Management Meeting. The Rise of Chocolongo. The Rise of Chocolongo. The Decline of Chocolongo. The Decline of Chocolongo. The Decline of Chocolongo.

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  • Crises Management Meeting

The decline of chocolongo2
The Decline of Chocolongo

Sales of the Cholongo Chocolate Company’s Chocolongo bar have plummeted in recent years because of the environmental movement. The public is increasingly concerned about the environment and the Chocolongo Chocolate company has been named the largest producer of packaging waste in the chocolate bar industry.

The decline of chocolongo3
The Decline of Chocolongo

The president wants to continue providing her loyal customers with the same volume of chocolate while reducing the amount of packaging used. Therefore, her strategy team must determine a different format for the bar.

The decline of chocolongo4
The Decline of Chocolongo

To preserve some similarity between the original Chocolongo bar and the new one, the team leader requires that the new bar have only a single wrapping. No additional sleeve is to be used. The team must provide proof that the selected format will result in the least amount of packaging. A member of the strategy team has asked our department for assistance with this challenge.

The decline of chocolongo5
The Decline of Chocolongo

You have 36 interlocking cubes, which represent the total volume of a Chocolongo bar. Your task is to work with the 36 interlocking cubes to find all other possible formats for the new and improved bar. For shipping and storage purposes, the final product must be in the form of a rectangular prism.

The decline of chocolongo6
The Decline of Chocolongo

You will be working in teams of three. As a first step, you will work to complete every possible format for the new Chocolongo bar and identify the total surface area for each possibility. You will present this information on Thursday.

The rise of chocolongo2
The Rise of Chocolongo

“Your task will be to determine which chocolate bar is the better product. Remember that it must meet consumer concerns and use less packaging, and it must be appealing and practical.”

President, Chocolongo Chocolate Company

The rise of chocolongo3
The Rise of Chocolongo

Begin by opening the excel spreadsheet created on Tuesday. It is located in the local drive folder of each MacBook

The rise of chocolongo4
The Rise of Chocolongo

Examine the dimensions (length, height and width) and surface area of each redesigned Chocolongo bar. As a group discuss which two redesigned Chocolongo bars best meets the requirements given by the company president.

The rise of chocolongo5
The Rise of Chocolongo

Before making a final selection of your group’s first and second choice for redesigned Chocolongo bar visually examine the chocolate models of each redesigned Chocolongo Bar created on Wednesday.

The rise of chocolongo6
The Rise of Chocolongo

Once again, discuss which two redesigned Chocolongo bars best meets the requirements given by the company president.

The rise of chocolongo7
The Rise of Chocolongo

Open the Isometric Drawing Tool and create the isometric drawing for your group’s first choice of redesigned Chocolongo Bar. Click on ‘View’ and use ‘grab’ to capture the isometric drawing. Next change the view from 3D to Orthographic (front, right and top). Once again use ‘grab’ to capture the FRT view. Paste the isometric and orthographic images into your spreadsheet under the heading ‘Chocolongo Redesign #1’.

The rise of chocolongo8
The Rise of Chocolongo

Repeat the above steps for your groups second choice of redesigned Chocolongo bar.

The rise of chocolongo9
The Rise of Chocolongo

Print your spreadsheet to the Black and White printer. The spreadsheet should print on a single sheet of large 11 by 17 paper. If it does not ask Mr. Z. for help.

The rise of chocolongo10
The Rise of Chocolongo

Prepare your group presentation to the president of the Chocolongo Chocolate Company. It is your job to convince her that your choice of redesigned Chocolongo bar best meets her requirements.

The rise of chocolongo11
The Rise of Chocolongo

Things to consider including in your presentation:

  • consider explaining how your group decided which redesigned Chocolongo bar used the least packaging.

  • Describe the steps or tools your group used to determine how much packaging each redesigned Chocolongo bar needed.

  • The president of the Chocolongo bar has said that the new Chocolongo bar must meet three requirement. Does your design take each of these requirements into account?