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Standards Review

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Standards Review - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Standards Review
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  1. Standards Review October 29, 2012

  2. Culminating in April 2012, Rossville Schools’ staff members conducted self-assessment ratings using AdvancEd’s 5 Standards. Standards’ Scores Many hands make light work.

  3. Standard 1Purpose and Direction Key Evidence: RES+RMS+RHS Self Assessment Scores Document and RCSD Self Assessment Document

  4. Strengths Picture of kids @ church • Mission/Vision statements reflective of community’s values • Data driven School Improvement Plans • Daily communication through emails and morning meetings Key Evidences: School Improvement Plans Standard 1Purpose and Direction

  5. Communication is the key to any relationship Morning meetings monthly calendars Standard 1Purpose and Direction

  6. Steps for Solutions • RISE will bring about clear direction for improving conditions that support student learning. • RISE is Indiana’s new teacher evaluation system. • Standard for Success is a web-based tool for evaluations and documentation. • Moving through district accreditation has brought about a systemic review. Thank you for your time! Standard 1Purpose and Direction

  7. Strengths *RCSD school board members conduct formal and informal visitations. Key Evidence: School Board Policy Manual Trust + Integrity + Transparency = School Board Members Standard 2Governance and Leadership

  8. Strengths Invested Involvement community member business owner alumni parent community member alumni parent community member alumni parent community member alumni parent school volunteer community member business owner alumni parent coach Standard 2Governance and Leadership

  9. Strengths Leadership supports stakeholder investment in our kids! Standard 2Governance and Leadership

  10. Steps for Solutions RISE evaluations will… • Increase student performance • Prove teacher performance • Set standards for principals’ performance • Drive curriculum Standard 2Governance and Leadership

  11. Strengths Challenging learning experiences from… Intense needs classes at all levels, High Ability clusters in the elementary, enrichment classes in the middle school, and everything in between! Standard 3Teaching and Assessing for Learning Key Evidence: School Improvement Documents

  12. Strengths The school is the heart of the community! Over 20% of all staff members are Rossville alumni. The Rossville learning experience of having a K-12 building leads to long-term investment in the lives of students and the community. Key Evidence: School-Wide Calendar Standard 3Teaching and Assessing for Learning

  13. Steps for Solutions • Formal, new-teacher orientation was conducted prior to the start of school. Key Evidence: New Staff Orientation PowerPoint • Professional Development- RISE will bring about an increased focus on instruction. New This Year! Standard 3Teaching and Assessing for Learning

  14. Strengths and Steps for Solutions Rossville maintains a culture of using limited resources to do as much as we can for kids. Notice the time! Standard 4Resources and Support Systems Key Evidence: RCSD Budget Committed staff members compensate for limited resources.

  15. Strengths and Steps for Solutions • All levels are implementing data into instructional planning • Staff has received training in the use of Acuity, STAR Reading/Early Literacy data • Student achievement communicated to parents through Power School RCSD will need to continue address using results for continuous improvement in the future. Key Evidence: Elementary Data Binder ECA Results Binder Class of 2016 Test Data Analysis ISTEP Data Binder Standard 5Using Results for Continuous Improvement

  16. @ Rossville, Kids Come First! The success of our school lies within the strength of our community. Rossville Schools