Jordan atomic energy commission jaec
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JORDAN ATOMIC ENERGY COMMISSION (JAEC). Building of National Safeguards Capabilities in Jordan IAEA’s Technical Meeting/Workshop on National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power 9 - 12 Feb. 2010 Vienna, Austria Nooredin Abutaleb Nuclear Safety Department.

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Jordan atomic energy commission jaec

Building of National Safeguards Capabilities in Jordan

IAEA’s Technical Meeting/Workshop


National Infrastructure for Nuclear Power

9 - 12 Feb. 2010Vienna, Austria

Nooredin Abutaleb

Nuclear Safety Department

Organization of nuclear authorities in jordan
Organization of Nuclear Authorities in Jordan

Establishing of Two Independent Bodies Under the Supervision of the Prime Minister:

  • Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC).


  • Jordan Nuclear regulatory Commission(JNRC).


  • Jordan Nuclear Energy Commission .


Jordan atomic energy commission jaec

Jordan’s Nuclear Energy Programme


Nuclear Energy Programme


Safety, Security & Safeguards

Power Reactors

Uranium Exploration

Human Resources Development


Jordan atomic energy commission jaec

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Regime

Export Guidelines

Physical Protection

Global, Regional

and Bilateral


Protection from seizure, theft and criminal activities



Control of the supply of nuclear and non-nuclear material, technology and equipment

International Safeguards

Jordan atomic energy commission jaec

Nuclear Safeguards

Nuclear Safety

Nuclear Security


Protection from Theft, Criminal….activities

Technical Control

Legislation and institutional situation 1

Nuclear Energy LAW, Law No. (42) for the year 2007and the Amendment ,Law No.(4) /2008.

Establishment of Jordan Atomic Energy Commission Mar.2008 (JAEC).

( Nuclear Energy Programme for Peaceful Uses) .

(Control and manage all nuclear materials that are part of the Commission’s projects subject to comprehensive safeguards)

(Article 5/k)

Legislation and institutional situation 2

Law No. (43) for the year 2007 ,radiation protection , AND nuclear safety and security LAW and the Amendment ,Law No.(5) /2008

{Establishment of Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission (JNRC)}.Apr.2008

(Regulation ,Safety , Security and Safeguards)

Implement comprehensive safeguards, and create a system to account for and control of all nuclear materials subject to these safeguards.(Article5/g)

Planning activities in jordan

Planning Activities in Jordan

Projects of Jordan Nuclear Programme

Nuclear Power Plant (Site Studies, Tech. Assess.)

Uranium Exploitation ( Survey and Exploration Activities)

Human Recourses Development (NRR, Sub.C.As., Nuc.Eng.Prog.)

Safeguards situation in jordan 1
Safeguards Situation in Jordan(1)

No Nuclear Facilities and Nuclear Materials are available in Jordan till now, (SQP) .

Three Ideas are in front of the Decision Makers related to this situation in Jordan:-

1- Remains in the (SQP) for one year.

2- Modify the SQP .

3- Apply the CSA directly.

I think the first Decision is more suitable now for both Jordan and for the IAEA. (why?).

Safeguards situation in jordan 2
Safeguards Situation in Jordan(2)

To prepare, train and qualify enough staff ready to make knowledgeable commitment to the programme.

To prepare safeguards specific legislation, rules, regulations, and procedures in order to recognize the safeguards requirements.

Safeguards situation in jordan 3
Safeguards Situation in Jordan(3)

To complete the issuing of the regulations to be applied for nuclear facilities, locations, activities and materials to which safeguards will be applied.

To effectively establish the country’s SSAC, inventory and appropriate equipment prior to the recipient of nuclear materials.

Building of national safeguards capabilities in jordan
Building Of National Safeguards Capabilities In Jordan

  • The establishment of :

    - Jordan Nuclear Regulatory Commission (JNRC ).

    - The Safeguards Section at JNRC for SSAC ,Inspection and Reporting.

    - The Safeguards Office at Jordan Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) to establish and maintain the Inventory of Nuclear Materials within JAEC.

  • Staff from both Commissions participated in a training events in the fields of Safeguards inside Jordan and abroad , they will continue for more advanced training.

  • Deep and detailed training Programmes will be needed in the near future to face the new and the actual situation in Jordan.

  • Jordan signed and accept most of the Conventions ,Agreements and Protocols with respect to Nuclear Non-Proliferation and will sign any others related to this subject.


  • Jordan launches a Nuclear Energy Programme to produce electrical energy and drinking water .

  • Most Conventions and Agreements related to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation WERE signed and ratified.

  • Regulations were proposed. Key technical persons have initial training in Safeguards looking for strengthening and upgrading .

  • Jordan will apply the CSA soon and after the completion of the basic requirements.