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CmpE 294 Feedback Part II

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CmpE 294 Feedback Part II. Celebrate !!!. Celebrate!!!. These papers were generally better than your first papers. Proofreading has clearly improved. Observations. Which is correct? .” or “ . Ambiguous pronouns are still a problem. Key points from chapter 8.

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  • These papers were generally better than your first papers.
  • Proofreading has clearly improved.
  • Which is correct?
    • .” or “ .
  • Ambiguous pronouns are still a problem
key points from chapter 8
Key points from chapter 8
  • Audience’s goals are very broad and security, recognition and growth are always in the background.
  • There will always be constraints.
  • Claims need to be supported.
how to improve
How to improve?
  • While an interior designer tries to present an argument depicting his design as most worthy, an attorney tries to evade her client out of a wrongful event.
how to improve1
How to improve?
  • While planning a persuasive argument, various constraints come into picture. If being persuaded to lie or mislead, impacts the ethical standards of communication. Copying or an impression of other document may lead to legal rights violation. There might be a situation while planning, when citing data or information is not available.
how to improve2
How to improve?
  • In the chapter “Communicating Persuasively”, write tells the secret of presenting the arguments in a way that can take attention of readers and convince them to follow our ideas.
how to improve3
How to improve?
  • In conclusion, I would like to mention that convincing the reader is an important element for communicating persuasively.
how to improve4
How to improve?
  • Technical communication is not only about stating facts but also about providing the evidence to support those facts in a way that is appealing to the audience.
how to improve5
How to improve?
  • In this chapter “Communicating persuasively” from the book Technical Communications by Mike Markel, the author (Mike Markel) is telling about, various situations a person faces in daily communication where he/she has to convince other people in favor of his/her viewpoint. Sometimes these discussions may lead to arguments. The author is describing the importance of communicating persuasively. Further in the book he is discussing various ways in which a person can change the mind of his coworkers in favor of his ideology.
how to improve6
How to improve?
  • The book, “Technical Communications” by Mike Markel explains clearly the importance of technical communications, proposes possible methods for the writers to effectively communicate relating to the context and provides different ways for writers to select strong arguments which make the readers get convinced about the viewpoint.
how to improve7
How to improve?
  • The main purpose of the book is to make the writers to write technical documents in an efficient and appropriate way.
how to improve8
How to improve?
  • The author clearly explains to avoid logical fallacies as they can weaken the writing persuasively.
how to improve9
How to improve?
  • This is a very good book for everyone which helps to improve communication persuasively.
how to improve10
How to improve?
  • In this chapter the author has tired to explain about the techniques for effective communication in an organization.
how to improve11
How to improve?
  • The author advises that before persuade, you need to work in different type of constraints and shape the environment.
how to improve12
How to improve?
  • At the end of this chapter the reader can become a effective persuasive speaker/writer if the reader has shown the real interest and hard work in the topic.
which is better
Which is better?
  • Most common constraints will be financial constraints, time constraints, personnel constraints, political constraints, and ethical constraints.
  • The constraints may be related to time, information, legal, personal, etc.