create bibliographies with n.
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Create bibliographies with PowerPoint Presentation
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Create bibliographies with

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Create bibliographies with - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Create bibliographies with

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Presentation Transcript

  1. Create bibliographies with CITATION

  2. Find Citation on your desktop • Select Harvard • as the format/style • If it is not already selected. (Yellow) • Click on the button which says: • Make a list of references (or edit)

  3. Click on “New” to start a new list OR “Open” to continue to work on an existing list A dialogue box will appear. Unless you are returning to an existing project, Press Cancel

  4. Use the part of the screen Input a reference Begin by selecting the type of resource you want to add to your list – book; video; online www site etc. For this exercise we will select A book. Press Book.

  5. Enter the details of your reference Following the template. Fill in as many of the boxes as apply to your reference. After each entry is completed press “Enter on to List”

  6. After the first entry you will be asked to save your file as a text file and give it a file name.

  7. Once the resources are all entered, press “List Heading and enter a name for your list

  8. This name will appear on the top of your Bibliography Once your list has a name, press Enter onto list

  9. Press “Formatted Output to view the formatted list

  10. If you have made a mistake in Your data entry, go back to The main menu and select Edit a Ref Once you are happy with the data, go into “page set-up” to alter Margins, bold, italics, etc. Once you are happy with the document, you can print the list, or copy to a clipboard to paste into a word document.