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Games around the years By: Rebecca Gonzalez Period:1. GAMES BEFORE 1970. GAMES BEFORE 1970. MOUSE TRAP SORRY OPERATION. *mouse trap *sorry! *operation. Mouse trap . Created in 1963 Players:2-4 Age range:6+.

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Games around the years

By: Rebecca Gonzalez


Games before 1970






*mouse trap



Board games before 1970

Mouse trap

Created in 1963


Age range:6+

The objective of this game is to capture your opponent's mice by building a mouse trap as you move around the board. The last person with a mice wins.


The player will take turn on rolling the dice and moving the number of spaces on the dice. Some of the spaces are marked for example: move ahead, go back, lose a cheese, or safe.


Created in 1934

Players: 2-4

Age range:6+

The objective of this game is to be the first one to have their four color pieces from start to home space.

There are four colors which is blue, red green, and yellow. You have to roll the dice and move the space the dice tells you. You also get to pull out a card.


Created in 1965

Players: 1 or more

Age range: 6 to adult

The objective of this game is to remove all Sam's aliments. The one with the most money wins.

You have to successfully remove the aliment without setting off buzzer. You have cards that says “doctor” and another one that says “specialized”. Each cards says what to remove and how much money you will earn.







Space invaders

Created in 1978

Players: 1

The objective of this game is to defeat five rows of eleven aliens.

The aliens moves horizontally until it touched the screen. You control a laser cannon that only goes horizontally. Each level the aliens and music goes faster. If the aliens touches the bottom of the screen the alien invasion is successful and the game is over.


Created in 1979


Story: you are the final barrier that the invading galaxians must pass before they can either destroys, devour, or enslave all of the people on earth. Do not fail them…

You must destroy every galaxian to advance on the next stage.


created in 1980


The objective of this game is to eat all the Pac dots before his four enemies(blinky, pinky, inky, and Clyde) catches him.

If one if the enemies touches him he loses a life. When all of his life ends the game is over .There are four larger Pac dots which are power pellets. Those give him the ability to eat his enemies but it is temporary.

3-d monster chase

Created in 1985


The objective of this game is to search for the missing keys. There are 7 keys in total. You have to avoid the monsters that is guarding the keys.

Each time you find a key you have to return to your starting point. There is bomb that is active and you have a limited time to defuse it. There are 5 levels in total.


Created in 1981


The objective of this game is to take the frog from the bottom of the screen to the top of the screen without being run over or in the water.

By jumping on swiftly moving logs and the backs of turtles, the player can guide his or her frog safely to one of the empty lily pads. The player must avoid crocodiles, snakes, and otters in the river, but may catch bugs or escort a lady frog for bonuses. When all five frogs are directed home, the game progresses to the next, harder level. After five levels, the game gets briefly easier yet again gets progressively harder to the next fifth level.

Games after 2000

*back to the future

*nba 09

*burn out 3

*Fifa soccer 2005

*Sitting ducks

Back to the future the game

Created in 2010


The objective of this game is to get George mcfly to spend as much time with Lorraine Baines.

The more time they spend together the more they are in love. If the players does nothing than the game sets a time limit on the game. You can find objects that will help you such as poems, a cup of coffee, alien suit, and a guitar. The player uses a skateboard.

Nba live 09

Created in 2008



Be a pro and master your position

There are dynamic dna, Signature Play Calling, Lockdown Defense, Quickstrike Anklebreakers, 5-on-5 Online Play, Pick-and-Roll Control, Live Rewind, and NBA LIVE 365

Burnout 3 takedown

Created in 2004


There are five game modes, including two race modes and three crash modes. They are Race, Time Attack, Road Rage and Crash $. Before gameplay starts, players choose their vehicle based on its speed and weight. In the race modes, the player gains "boost" by driving in the oncoming traffic lanes, narrowly avoiding traffic, drifting around bends, getting air time, and by causing competitors' cars to crash.

fifa soccer 2005

Created in 2004


The game featured a return of create-a-player mode, as well as an improved, 15 season-long career mode. The game's biggest difference compared to previous titles was the inclusion of first-touch gameplay which provided gamers the ability to perform "real-life" tricks and passes. It was also the first version to feature the full Mexican League, which boosted sales in the United States. The soundtrack was headlined by British DJ Paul Oakenfold, who composed the FIFA Theme especially for the game.

Sitting ducks

Created in 2004


One bird stands out from the flock-bill. Bill’s best friend is aldo and he is an alligator. This unlikely friendship between creatures on opposite ends of the food chain sets the scene for unique challenges… and a lot of fun.