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: different tools found on the mobile phone and help users be more effective

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: different tools found on the mobile phone and help users be more effective - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on .edu : different tools found on the mobile phone and help users be more effective.

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  • .edu : different tools found on the mobile phone and help users be more effective
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We can regroup entertainment for mobile devices in three major groups: Audio, Video and Gaming. The last decade we have seen mobile devices specialize in each one of these groups separately, but, with the reinvention of cell phones and mobility, we are now able to combine them under one unique entertainment center.


Digital Audio Players, DAP’s, became popular in 1997, with the “MPMan” from Eiger Labs, and we must agree that DAP’s have incredibly evolved from an mp3 player with a 16MB capacity, to a 120GB Apple iPod (which is also capable of reproducing video).


Although mp3 is the most popular format for audio nowadays, it has been, slowly, challenged by new audio formats which are “lighter” and offer superior sound quality. Focusing on most common audio formats for mobile devices we have: MP3, MIDI, ACC, AMR-NB and WMA.


Portable DVD Players have been quite good fulfilling people’s needs for portable video. Over the years they have evolved into more sophisticated devices providing higher quality video, but unfortunately their “portability” remains an issue. Mobile devices must be handheld and, even if we love PDP’s, they aren’t. PDA’s and Cell phones have been slowly but surely working on their way up to reproduce high quality video in small size screens. Most mobile devices will read 3GPP, 3G2, MPEG 4 and MOV formats.


If you were a fan of the GameBoy, back in the 1990’s, and spent long hours playing snake on the first Nokia cell phones, you must sure love all of the variety you can get on your cell phone today. Gaming Companies are developing mobile versions of their popular games, 3D and Multiplayer games are becoming popular among mobile device users overcoming sex and age barriers that were associated with gaming before.