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How to Write A Resume PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Write A Resume

How to Write A Resume

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How to Write A Resume

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  1. How to Write A Resume Project Mentor New Jersey City University Jersey City, NJ Partially funded by a grant from the NJ Commission on Higher Education

  2. TABLE of CONTENTS • Contact Information • Goal Statement • Education Statement • Experience Statement • Honors and Activities

  3. The Contact Information Section

  4. What is this? • Tells the employer where to find you • Ways you can be contacted • Creates first impression • Usually at top of page

  5. What information do you include? • Name, address • Campus • Permanent • Land & Cell Phone Numbers • Email Address • Any other means of contact

  6. Campus Address 55 College Avenue Jersey City, NJ 07305 Phone: 201-555-5555 Cell: 609-555-4444 Email: Permanent Address 100 Main Street Hometown, NJ 07111 Phone: 609-555-2222 Cell: 609-555-4444 Email: Example Joe Graduate

  7. Important Tip • Email name • Should be your name • Nothing cute or funny • Employer is not interested in hiring • • • • Remember you want the employer to contact you

  8. The Goal Statement

  9. What is this? • Brief statement of career goals and skills • A quick picture of you and your career interests • Tells the employer why he should keep reading

  10. What should be included? • Qualifications • Skills • Qualities • Interests • Motivation

  11. Objective Statement Includes • The job/position you are seeking • Your main qualifications for this job • Your immediate career goals

  12. Tailor to the position • Use terms from job posting or description • Make the connection between what company is seeking and you

  13. Examples • To develop my graphic design skills as web designer in a creative environment • An opportunity to work as a computer technician for 123 Software using my skills as a programmer and troubleshooter • An opportunity to teach and grow professionally in the Jersey City Public Schools • A position as a dietician at Beth Israel Hospitalworking with individuals on the dialysis unit

  14. The Education Section

  15. What is this? • A major section for college students and recent graduates • What you have studied • How this prepared you for the position you seek

  16. What to include • Schools you have attended, including universities, community colleges, technical schools, etc. • Location of school(s) • Date of graduation, actual or anticipated • Degree(s) earned or pursued • Grade Point Average (if it is good)

  17. Also include • Scholarships, honors and awards • Major and Minor areas of study • Special Projects, papers • Specific coursework that applies to the job you are seeking

  18. Did I include my major & minor? Honors related to my degree? How is my education funded? What special course or degree-related projects may be of interest to this employer? What courses have I taken that are related to my career goals? With what computer programs am I most familiar? What language proficiencies do I have? Have I qualified for a license or certification? Ask yourself…

  19. B.S. Human Nutrition anticipated May 2009New Jersey City University, Jersey City, NJ Major GPA 3.8 Minor in Psychology GPA 3.6 Kraft Food Academic Scholarship awarded all 4 years Eligible for Licensed Dietician examination Special Project on relationship between culture, nutrition and health Experienced developer of data bases and computer research protocols Fluent in English, Spanish and Italian Example

  20. The Experience Section

  21. What is this? • This section lists and describes: • past and present employment • internships • volunteer experiences .

  22. Why is this important? • Tells the employer that you are qualified for the job • Shows your progress towards a professional identity • Demonstrates your sustained interest in this type of work • Displays your positive work ethic

  23. Prepare before you include things • Make a list of all of your • jobs • volunteer activities • internships • Itemize • what you did • how this relates to the job you are seeking • Circle words • that appear in job posting • describe actions/activities

  24. What to include? • Name & Address of company or organization • Your position there • Dates of your employment or involvement • Descriptions of your tasks and responsibilities

  25. Tasks and Responsibilities • Use actionwords to describe experiences • Escorted a group of senior citizens on grocery trips • Conducted weigh ins and entered data in excel spreadsheet • Prepared snacks for children at after school center • Cleaned and sanitizedkitchen and dining room facilities • Provide clear information about your role • With whom did you work? (senior citizens, school children) • What duties did you do? (data entry, weigh ins, food prep) • Where did your job fit into the organization? (health of participants) • What goals were you trying to accomplish? (teach healthy choices, supporthealth, measure effectiveness of program) • What timelines were you working under? (conducted 100 weigh ins perweek) • What procedures did you follow? (Health Dept. sanitary standards, organization’s record keeping procedures)

  26. The Honors and Activities Section

  27. What is this? • An opportunity to tell the employer more about you • Other achievements • Other talents

  28. What to include? • Extracurricular activities • Awards, grants, prizes, and special honors • Memberships in professional clubs and organization • Other Volunteer activities • Hobbies

  29. Examples • Memberships and Community Service • Community Vegetable Garden, Vineland, NJ • Food BankVolunteer, Elizabeth, NJ • Volunteer of the Year 2007 • Big Sisters of NJ • Extra Curricular Activities • NJCU Girls Varsity Soccer Team • Representative on Student Government Organization

  30. Additional Resume Assistance • NJCU Office of Academic Career Planning and Placement • • •

  31. Now What? • Proof Read!!! • Triple-check for accuracy, neatness and legibility • One typo could cost you an interview!

  32. Get Feedback • Show your resume to • Professors • Fellow students • Relatives • Anyone you know who has knowledge of the field you hope to enter • Get their feedback and edit if necessary

  33. Now You’re Ready to Write Your Cover Letter and Send the Resume Out

  34. GOOD LUCK!