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An International Education

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An International Education. International Mindedness. Intercultural Awareness. Having some knowledge of and sensitivity towards groups of people with different sets of beliefs and values, experiences, and practices.

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an international education
An International Education

International Mindedness

Intercultural Awareness

Having some knowledge of and sensitivity towards groups of people with different sets of beliefs and values, experiences, and practices.

  • An openness to and curiosity about the world and people of other cultures, and a striving towards a profound level of understanding of the complexity and diversity of human interactions.
what is the ib mission
What is the IB mission?

The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect.

To this end, the IB works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment.

These programmes encourage students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right.

ib learner profile
IB Learner Profile
  • The ten qualities of the IB learner profile inspire and motivate the work of teachers, students and schools, providing a statement of the aims and values of the IB and a definition of what we mean by “international-mindedness.”
what is the ib learner profile
What is the IB learner profile?

IB learners strive to be:











what does the myp curriculum consist of
What does the MYP curriculum consist of?

Programme model

  • Areas of Interaction:
  • approaches to learning
  • community and service
  • human ingenuity
  • environments
  • health and social education
aoi approaches to learning atl
AoI: Approaches to learning (ATL)

Through ATL, teachers provide students with tools to:

take responsibility for their own learning

develop awareness of how they learn best

develop problem solving and decision making skills

develop awareness of thought process and learning


develop critical, coherent and independent thought

aoi community and service
AoI: Community and service

This component extends learning beyond the classroom and requires students to:

take an active part in the communities in which

they live, thereby encouraging responsible


develop a sense of responsibility

develop skills to make an effective contribution to


develop community awareness and concern

aoi human ingenuity
AoI: Human Ingenuity

Students explore in multiple ways the processes and products of human creativity to:

appreciate and develop the human capacity to influence, transform, enjoy and improve the quality of life

explore relationships between science, aesthetics, technology by leading students to examine, experience and reflect on the creative process

aoi environments
AoI: Environments

In learning to develop awareness of humanity’s interdependence with the environment, students:

accept responsibility for maintaining an environment fit

for the future

understand local and global environmental issues

make decisions on environmental situations

understand political and economic environmental


aoi health and social education
AoI: Health and social education

Educating the whole person deals with physical, social and emotional health and intelligence—key aspects of development leading to complete and healthy lives. Students will:

develop skills and knowledge to make informed choices

become aware of potential hazards

take responsibility for their own well-being

take responsibility for their social environment

understand the relationship between the individual and


application process
Application Process


EVALUATION 4 years after authorization

APPLICATION B 1 – 2 years


APPLICATION A: Candidate Status > 1 year

what goes into the myp applications
What goes into the MYP applications?

MYP consultants work with schools in the candidate phase

to complete:

  • MYP course outlines
  • units of work

…and other requirements for application, part B

course outlines
Course Outlines

Teachers from the same subject

areas and grade level write course

outlines (syllabi) to communicate to students and parents:

  • Subject specific MYP aims and objectives along with the corresponding MYP rubrics
  • The role of the Areas of Interaction
  • The Learner Profile as the IB Mission Statement in action
  • International mindedness
the myp curriculum construction
The MYP curriculum construction

Programme model

Contexts/Focus for learning

  • Areas of interaction:
  • approaches to learning
  • community and service
  • human ingenuity (homo faber)
  • environments
  • health and social education

Curriculum framework

How do we build our MYP

Curriculum Framework?

unpacking the myp unit planner
Unpacking the MYP Unit Planner
  • What are the elements of an MYP unit?
  • How are they interwoven?
  • The MYP unit planner may also be used for
  • interdisciplinary unit planning when two teachers from two
  • different subject areas come together to plan.
myp unit planner
MYP Unit Planner
  • Teachers collaborate to create units that:
  • align state, local or provincial standards with the Aims and Objectives of the MYP subject area
  • focus on one Area of Interaction and a “Big Idea”
  • engage students’ interest with a unit question
  • develop a subject-specific MYP task with appropriate MYP assessment criteria
  • create teaching and learning activities leading up to the summative assessment
what about assessment
What about assessment?





Appropriate TASK


myp assessment is criterion referenced

MYP assessment is based on a criterion-referenced model that directly links the assessment criteria with the subject-group objectives.

This model gives both teacher and student reliable and valid information on the actual learning that takes place for each subject group.

standards and objectives
Standards and Objectives

Which specific MYP objectives will be addressed during this unit?

Which MYP assessment criteria will be used?

Appropriate Task?

Make sure that state standards and the MYP objectives are centered around significant new teaching

creating your sound byte
Creating your sound byte

Area of Interaction

Big Idea

Teachers define a BIG IDEA …

…and merge ONE AoI with Big Idea

development of unit question
Development of Unit Question

Area of Interaction

Unit Question

Big Idea

A question that helps the student figure out “Why do I need to know this?”

where is the rigor in the myp
Where is the rigor in the MYP?


Unit Question

Aligning Standards & MYP Objectives

Area of Interaction

Appropriate TASK


for more information
For More Information

Stan Burgoyne

MYP Regional Manager, IB North America

475 Riverside Drive, Suite 240

New York, NY 10115

Direct line: 646-315-9746