Unit 2 housekeeping topic 5 laundry service 2 periods
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Unit 2 Housekeeping Topic 5 Laundry service (2 periods) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Unit 2 Housekeeping Topic 5 Laundry service (2 periods). ▲ Learning procedures. 1. Background information introduction 2. Discussion & presentation 3. Listening activities 4. Notes 5. In- class exercises 6. Further development activities 7. Assignment. ▲ Learning objectives.

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Unit 2 housekeeping topic 5 laundry service 2 periods
Unit 2 HousekeepingTopic 5 Laundry service (2 periods)

Learning procedures
Learning procedures

  • 1. Background information introduction

  • 2. Discussion & presentation

  • 3. Listening activities

  • 4. Notes

  • 5. In- class exercises

  • 6. Further development activities

  • 7. Assignment

Learning objectives
Learning objectives

1. Students are required to get familiar with the laundry service and common laundry complaints.

2. Students are required to know how to deal with guests’ complaints and offer a quality service.


Background information
▲ Background information

1.Teachetr’s introduction to the laundry service.

1) Laundryman comes to the guest room to collects laundry.

2) Guest fill in the laundry list.

3) After laundry, clothes will be delivered to the guest room.

2. Laundry service types.

1) Same-day service (collected by 11:00; returned on the same day.)

2) Express service (collected all day and returned within four hours; with 50% extra-charge)

3) Next day service (collected after 11:00; delivered before 19:00 next day.

4) Express pressing service (collected all day and returned within 1 hour.)


Background information1
▲ Background information

A laundry-damaged coat A laundry worker is working


Background information laundry room
Background information Laundry room


Listening activities
▲ Listening activities

1. Listen to the tape twice and answer the following questions.

  • Dialogue

  • 1) Why did Mr. Brown call the Hose keepin department?

  • 2) What happened to Mr. Brown’s suit and what would he do?

  • 2. listen to the tape again and make up a dialogue according to the given situation.

  • Dialogue

  • Situation:

  • A guest whose skirt shrank after laundry in your hotel comes to you to complain.



Dialogue misdelivering the laundry
Dialogue: Misdelivering the laundry

H=housekeeper, G=guest

H: Housekeeping. May I help you?

G: Yes, the maid misdeliverd the laundry.

H: I am sorry, sir. We will check it right away. Would you mind telling me your room number please?

G: Room 802.

H: I will have some one go to your room. Please wait a moment.

G: Ok.

(Two minutes later, there is a knock on the door of Room 802.)

H:. May I come in, please?

G: Housekeeping Come in.

H: Good afternoon. I’ve brought your laundry. Is this yours, sir?

G: Yes, it is. Please put it on the bed.

H: Certainly,sir. May I have the misdelivered laundry items, please?

G: Sure, I’ll get them for you.

H: Thank you, ma’am. I apologize to you for our carelessness.

G: That’ s all right.


▲ Notes

1.Useful sentences

1) Good morning, Laundry Department. Can I help you?

2) My sweater has shrunk.

3) The collar is a bit scorched.

4) Will you please fill in this laundry form?

5) I’ll send some one to pick up your laundry, sir.

6) Sorry, ma’am, we can’t launder embroidered items. And we cannot be responsible for any damage.

2. Laundry service

washing 水洗 dry-cleaning, 干洗

ironing烫 mending 缝补

hand-washing 手洗 sew on a button 钉扣子


In class exercises
▲ In-class exercises

  • 1. Make up a dialogue based on the given situation.

  • Situation :

  • G: You are a guest. You complain about the laundry service in the hotel for your clothes have been misdelivered for two times.

  • C: You are a hotel clerk in the Housekeeping department. Try to deal with it right away and make sure to reach a desirable result.


Further development activities
▲ Further development activities

1. Act out with your partner the given situation.


G: You are a guest . You are calling about your laundry, which was collected 5 days ago.

C: You are a hotel clerk in the Housekeeping department.

Receive G and work out a satisfying resolution.


Further development activities1
Further development activities

  • 2. Watch the following flash, then act the clerk part and then work out the laundry service with your partner.


  • G= Guest, M= Room maid

  • M: Housekeeping. May I collect your laundry?

  • G: Yes, it’s in the laundry bag.

  • M: Thank you, ma’am. Is the laundry form in the bag?

  • G: Yes. By the way, how long does it take for laundry-cleaning?

  • M: It usually takes two days.

  • G: Oh, dear. We’re leaving tomorrow.

  • M: If you are in a hurry, we have a two-hour quick service with an extra charge of 50%.

  • G: Well, that’s the case.


▲ Assignments

  • 1. Make up a dialogue between a guest and a laundrywoman based on the situation of being overcharged with laundry service.

  • 2. Finish the online-exercises at .