badminton log books factors impacting performance
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Badminton Log Books Factors Impacting Performance

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Badminton Log Books Factors Impacting Performance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Badminton Log Books Factors Impacting Performance. Physical.

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  • When playing badminton I need to have speed so I can get to the shuttle quickly, which allows me to return the shuttle over the net. For example if my opponent played a drop shot my speed helps me get to the shuttle and play a net shot instead of playing a net lift which could be smashed by my opponent.
  • In Badminton the ability to make decisions quickly is essential as you make lots of decisions quickly during a rally. For Example if your opponent plays a weak overhead clear to mid court and you return the shuttle with a drop shot this would then allow your opponent to attack. That would be an example of poor decision making as you have selected the wrong shot and it has had a negative impact on your performance as you have lost the point.
  • In Badminton I need to keep control of my emotions throughout a match. If I don't keep control of my emotions I may become angry or frustrated during the game and this could result in me losing points. For example if I become angry during a match I may try and hit the shuttle too hard this could result in me hitting it out or missing it. This would result in me losing points meaning it had a negative impact on my performance.
  • In badminton it is important to show good etiquette, by showing good etiquette I can allow the flow of the game to continue throughout without any stoppages in play. For example if I lose a point it is important that I return the shuttle back to my opponent correctly, this will allow the game to resume quickly.
gather information observation schedule
Gather InformationObservation Schedule
  • Physical Factor- Skills and Techniques
  • Describe How you gathered information about this factor
  • I gathered information using an observation schedule, I worked in a group of three. I was the performer, there was one feeder and one observer. I was fed 20 high serves to the back of the court. Whilst I was performing the overhead clears the observer marked my performance against the success criteria of a model performer using the observation schedule.
explain why you used this method to gather information about your performance
Explain why you used this method to gather information about your performance
  • I used this method as it was relevant to the performance of the overhead clear, I was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses using the observation schedule with the success criteria of a model performer. My observer carried out the observation schedule so it was unbiased, it is also a permanent record of my performance. The video in conjunction with my performance increased the validity of the observation schedule as it allowed me to look through my performance repeatedly slowing it down and looking at different parts of the overhead clear in isolation.
describe the information you gathered
Describe the information you gathered
  • The information that I gathered allowed me to identify my strengths and weaknesses of my own performance. The information gave me a breakdown of the PAR analysis of the skill. The weakness that I have identified in my performance is that I don't transfer my weight from my back leg to my front leg this means I don't recover to the base position.
explain the impact of this on your whole performance
Explain the impact of this on your whole performance
  • By not transferring my weight it meant I could not clear the shuttle to the back tramlines of my opponents side of the court. This meant that my opponent could return the shuttle with a smash shot. By not recovering to the base position my opponent was able to hit the shuttle into the space on the court left by me not recovering back to base. The weaknesses in my performance meant that I was making it easy for my opponent to win points with smash shots into spaces on my court.