aca 122 college transfer success l.
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ACA 122: College Transfer Success

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ACA 122: College Transfer Success - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ACA 122: College Transfer Success. The Foundation of a Strategic Plan for Seamless Transition . ACA 122 Rationale.

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aca 122 college transfer success

ACA 122: College Transfer Success

The Foundation of a Strategic Plan for Seamless Transition

aca 122 rationale
ACA 122 Rationale
  • The CCL contains a variety of student success courses (ACA prefix) relevant to most programs of study. However, there is no transferable course that would give college transfer students credits toward the AA, AS, or AFA degrees.
aca 122 rationale3
ACA 122 Rationale
  • The increasing complexity of transfer from the two-year to the four-year institutions requires that students be as informed and pro-active as possible in planning their academic careers.
aca 122 rationale4
ACA 122 Rationale
  • This course will educate students on such vital components of effective transfer as the
  • CAA,
  • General Education Core,
  • Plans of Study/ Study Tracks
  • Pre-majors
aca 122 rationale5
ACA 122 Rationale

Other Benefits:

*Higher Retention and Persistence toward Graduation

*Decreased financial burden on students after transfer (unforeseen graduation/ program requirements)

aca 122 rationale6
ACA 122 Rationale
  • Senior institutions offer and/or require an equivalent Freshmen Seminar as part of the first-year experience. The goal of an AA/AS degree is to provide a comparable academic experience during the first two years of a baccalaureate degree.
aca rationale
ACA Rationale
  • Increasing number of 2+2/ Bilateral Articulation Agreements for Technical Program (AAS) Students.
course description
  • Prerequisites: None
  • Corequisites: None
  • This course provides information and strategies necessary to develop clear academic goals beyond the community college experience.
course topics
Course Topics
  • The Comprehensive Articulation Agreement ,
  • College Culture,
  • Career Exploration,
  • Information on Senior Institutions,
  • Strategic Planning,
  • Critical Thinking,
  • Communications skills for a successful academic transition.
  • Upon completion, students should be able to develop an academic plan to transition successfully to senior institutions.
learning outcomes
Learning Outcomes
  • Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

·  Demonstrate an understanding of the skills of a successful student.

·  Demonstrate understanding and actively participate in the academic planning process at DTCC.

·  Develop a strategic plan for transfer to a senior institution.

course outline overview
Course Outline Overview
  • Academic Skills
  • College Culture
  • Academic and Financial Planning
  • The Transfer Experience
  • Career Planning
  • Goal Setting
other issues
Other Issues
  • Faculty Training
  • Waivers
  • Textbooks