rational numbers equations n.
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Rational Numbers & Equations

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Rational Numbers & Equations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Lesson 5. Rational Numbers & Equations. Operations with Mixed Numbers. Warm-Up. Find the value of each expression. Write each answer in simplest form. Operations With Mixed Numbers. Target: Add, subtract, multiply or divide mixed numbers. Operations with Mixed Numbers.

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rational numbers equations

Lesson 5

Rational Numbers & Equations

Operations with Mixed Numbers

warm up

Find the value of each expression. Write each answer in simplest form.

operations with mixed numbers

Operations With Mixed Numbers


Add, subtract, multiply or divide mixed numbers.

operations with mixed numbers1
Operations with Mixed Numbers
  • Write each mixed number as an improper fraction.
  • Follow the procedures for adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing fractions.
  • Write the answer in simplest form. Convert the answer to a mixed number if needed.
example 1
Example 1

Find the value of .

  • Change to improper fractions.
  • Write equivalent fractions with the

same denominator.

  • Add numerators.
  • Write as a mixed number.
example 2
Example 2

Madison had a rope that was 8 feet long. She cut off a piece for a

friend that was feet long. How much rope does she have left?

  • Write the problem.
  • Make improper fractions.
  • Write with the same denominator.
  • Subtract numerators.
  • Write as a mixed number.

feet of rope left

example 3
Example 3

Find the value of .

  • Write as an improper fraction.
  • Multiply.
  • Simplify.
example 4
Example 4

Iona runs six days each week. Each of her runs is equal in length. If

her total mileage for the week is miles, how long was each run?

  • Write the problem.
  • Write as improper fractions.
  • Divide.
  • Simplify and write as a mixed number.
  • Iona runs miles each day.
exit problems
Exit Problems
  • Find the value of .
  • Wildy had yards of ribbon. She purchased an additional yards of ribbon. How many total yards of ribbon does she have?
  • Ivan walked miles over 5 days. He walks the same amount each day. How far is his daily walk?
  • Find the value of .
communication prompt
Communication Prompt

What is the process for multiplying two mixed numbers?