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Mango tango

Mango tango. by: Syed, Sukhman, Gurkirat. Our restaurant. Our restaurant is going to be located in south surrey.

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Mango tango

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  1. Mango tango by: Syed, Sukhman, Gurkirat

  2. Our restaurant • Our restaurant is going to be located in south surrey. our restaurant will be a great a source for kids because there will be lots of mascots to entertain the restaurant and the mascots will be held by me. The mascots will act as waiters taking orders from people and the mascots will be roller skating. There is also going to be a little play room for the children in which there will be gaming consoles and many toys the children will be there until the order comes here is a little plan of how our mascots will look like.

  3. Healthy part of the Restaurant • Desert: • $1.50 for small sized ice cream any type • $2.50 For medium sized ice cream any type • $3.50 for large sized ice cream any type • Cocktails are the main part of our restaurant because many people cannot finish their food without a small amount of liquid for example a cocktail dessert is an example of mango lassi. There are added charges extra if you want to buy a kulfi for your children in which your children will enjoy.

  4. Oil restrictions • Our restaurant has many oil restrictions because we care about the health of our customers. We only use canola oil, olive oil, and also coconut oil. We only use the oils that are not harmless to our customers for example if a person allergic to a type of oil we never serve that person the oil.

  5. Mango tango section Gurkirat Specials: There is going to be a special part of our restaurant which will be containing of mango section. • It will contain many types of mango designs such as mango kulfi, mango Slurpee, mango coffee, mango ice-cream, mango lassi, mango popcorn, mango milk, mango fruit, mango juice, mango chocolate, mango Pepsi, mango smoothie, mango roti and last but not least mango chips.

  6. Breakfast and snack special • There is going to going to be a breakfast section: • Mango cereal, Mango bagels, Mango porante, Mango yogurt, hash brown, egg nog, egg sandwich, veggie burger, smoothies, Milk any flavour. 2. Snacks section: Healthy chips, fish pakora, Veggie samosa, real fruit juices, chicken pakoraand many other healthy snacks.

  7. Lunch and dinner Lunch and dinner specials will be held by Syed. In the appetizer section will have Desi veggie biryani, chicken biryani, roti rap with any type of subzi or daal your choice or a veggie sandwich, noodles, baked chicken, steamed rice with any daal or sauce. Potato fries, fruit salad, chicken meals with a toy in it for kids, turkey, veggie burgers any size, dino pizza for kids, BBQ chicken and pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, seik kebab,

  8. Our workers The chef will do the cooking and the chef will wear hat and gloves. The waitress will take the orders and help what the person wants. If there is any problem than the assistant manager will deal with it.

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