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Top Fico - Credit Counsel & Repair Company PowerPoint Presentation
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Top Fico - Credit Counsel & Repair Company

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Top Fico - Credit Counsel & Repair Company
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Top Fico - Credit Counsel & Repair Company

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  1. About TopFico TopFico is a credit counsel and repair company. First and foremost we believe bad credit can be due to several different reasons. Our goal is to determine why you are where you are first, then to help you our client to be able to move forward and upward credit wise. We believe by educating our customers and by having a credit plan in place not only now but down the road our clients can benefit from our services and resources of knowledge. Many people are unclear about why they need to restore their credit rating. As professionals, we take care of this for you, getting you back on track beginning today. Restoring your credit rating is essential for those individuals who are negatively impacted by a poor credit history.

  2. About TopFico Creditors believe that the information contained in your credit file is a good indication of your credit worthiness, since how you have paid other creditors in the past is an indication of how you may act in the future. If your score reflects poorly, it may be difficult to use your credit. This will not turn around if you do nothing and do not get some help. The fact that you are reading this tells me that you are serious about taking control of your credit report. Credit repair is the first and best step you can take to ensure the strength of your credit.

  3. How we differ? There are many credit repair companies out there and most do not educate & counsel their clients. They generally only try to delete negative items on your credit report. That’s the easy part! That is why there are so many of these companies around. The real challenge is to show clients the proper steps so can they can continue on this road of progress to always be improving their credit score. That is what we do. Not for only the now but for the tomorrow also. So we not only help you in removing negative marks on your credit report but we educate you in improving your credit as well. So you can have your credit working for you. By educating yourself now about how the credit system works you are arming yourself financially. You will be able to save thousands of dollars in interest during  your lifetime by having good credit and maintaining a good credit score.

  4. How we differ? Our company also works with people on Chex systems. If you are on Chex systems and do not have a checking account we can help you find a credit union in your area so you can get a checking account. Our credit repair programs are affordable and we provide superior service. Please contact us and we would be happy to provide you with more details. You can begin boosting your credit score today. Here’s how the credit system works: The credit system decides who gets credit and why. The three large credit bureaus have each adopted a ranking or scoring system called a FICO® score, by which, you can receive a numerical evaluation of your present credit condition. This is meant to approximate the score you would receive from a lender such as a bank. The score is compiled directly from the positive and negative factors found in your credit report

  5. How we differ? The credit score is divided into five categories and breaks down as follows: ■Your credit history= 35% ■Amount currently owed=30% ■Length of your credit history=15% ■Type of credit you use=10% ■New credit obtained=10%

  6. How we differ? Equifax uses a scoring system which ranges between 300 and 850, Transunion’s system ranges between 150 and 934 and Experian’s system ranges from 340 to 820. For example, under the Experian system a score of: 340-600= highest possible risk to lender 601-660= medium-high risk 661-720= medium risk 721-780= medium-low risk 781-820= low risk

  7. How we differ? When you receive your numerical credit-score, you will also receive a national percentile ranking. This number reflects the percentage of the US population with scores higher or lower than yours. For example, under the Experian system, a credit score of 800 puts you into the 92 percentile. This means that only 8% of the population had a higher credit score than you while 92% of the population had a lower credit score than you. Higher scores mean lower delinquency rates. This is the rate at which 100 borrowers in a specific range will default on a loan, declare bankruptcy, or fall 90 days behind on their payments. Thus, a delinquency rate of 50% means that out of 100 borrowers 50 will commit one of the above.

  8. How we differ? If you simply wait, you can watch your credit improve over several years. You don’t have to wait. We know you need your credit now. We all do. We can offer an alternative to waiting and can get you back on track now. We need our credit for just about everything and we’re punished for not having an elite score. We’ve been very successful with what we do and we make it affordable to get back on track now. For free hints and tips please read our blog. Print off our free dispute letter to start your own dispute process. Whether we help you or you help yourself. Bad credit is not going to get you anywhere in a bad economy or good economy good credit is the only solution. Good credit will get you better interest on a home loan, automobile, good credit will help you achieve all the better things in life at a more reasonable payoff and cheaper payments.

  9. Contact us Top Fico Phone : 1-866-496-7072 Fax : 1-866-496-9958 Mobile : 801-499-2088

  10. Thank You