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Semi Permanent Makeup & Acne treatments From Natural Define PowerPoint Presentation
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Semi Permanent Makeup & Acne treatments From Natural Define

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Semi Permanent Makeup & Acne treatments From Natural Define - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Semi Permanent Makeup and Acne treatments From Natural Define also available permanent lip liner , skin lightening, acne treatments and anti ageing peels services.Visit us at :

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About Us

Having owned their own salons and Aesthetic clinics around the North West of England Natural Define’s practitioners have had a great depth of experience in Make-up, Beauty therapy, Aesthetic Medicine with a special interest in make up and skin care.

Their combined make up experience has spanned television commercials, films and studio work with a celebrity and international clientele.

After extensive training by Louise Walsh in Harley Street, a trainer to Harrods, Selfridges, Harvey Nicholls and attending some of the best clinics and training schools in the country they decided to totally commit to honing their skills and strived to achieve perfection in their craft.



It is effective in all kinds of miasmas and chloasmas

It can be applied in any season

It is compatible with all types of skin

It permits sunbathing without the risk of spots appearing

It is completely safe

The spots and pigmentation disappears in one week

There are minimum side effects (very little redness and flaking)

There is a regularisation of sebaceous secretion

Skin becomes brighter, lighter, rejuvenated and free from spots in just 10 days


Benefits of skin treatments

With variations of different peels we can treat the following conditions:-

Melasma - patchy or generalised dark pigmentation of the skin

It improves the signs of photo-aging and photo-damage of the skin

It regulates sebaceous secretion especially in mixed and greasy skins

It reduces pore size and can prevent spots from appearing

Will help to brighten and lighten the skin to give that youthful glow

Reduces scars and un even skin tone

Reduces acne

In addition to the above with stronger peels we are able to treat the following skin conditions effectively:-

Winkle Filling, Acne, Hyper pigmentation, Rosacea, Ageing Skin, Eye Bags, Skin Lifting, Folliculitis, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Sensitive Skin, Thread Veins, Dry Skin, Sun Damage, Hypo pigmentation.


Benefits of Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup is good for:-

Too Busy? - Busy people with little time to apply make-up.

Work? - People who work in an environment that makes the use of conventional make-up difficult.

Allergies? - Those allergic to conventional make-up.

Freedom? - Anyone who desires freedom and convenience from daily make-up application.

Wear Glasses? - People who wear contact lenses or glasses.

Unable? - Those who are physically incapable of applying make-up.


Benefits of Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi permanent makeup is good for:-

Too Sweaty? - Athletic or sporty people.

Problem Skin? - People with oily skin who tend to shed conventional make-up.

Corrective? - Men and women who seek correction of asymmetrical facial features.

Professionals? - Entertainers, actresses and models.


Our Portfolio

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Eyeliner Portfolio


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Call: 0845 052 9739

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