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Personalized Wedding PowerPoint Presentation
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Personalized Wedding

Personalized Wedding

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Personalized Wedding

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  1. Personalized, hand finished baby, birthday, bridal and wedding favors

  2. Personalized, hand finished baby, birthday, bridal and wedding favors that embody a clean, elegant and timeless appeal. Our products are made from the finest quality paper, softest and most life-like flowers, highest quality Organza and satin ribbons and embellishments. Equally of high quality are our handmade heavily scented soaps and freshly hand-made delectable chocolates.

  3. Unique Selling Points EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE – our favors are extremely affordable given the level of quality, attention to detail, and craftsmanship. FAST TURNAROUND – all our products have quick turnaround putting customer’s mind at ease when party planning. REFUND AND RETURN POLICY – the customer is always right. If the customer receives the product and is not 100% satisfied we offer money back guarantee on cost of product once returned merchandise is received. Or we can offer re-doing the entire order and shipping out again at our cost. PERSONALIZED – Unlike many favor websites that offer primarily generic favors that are mass purchased overseas and impersonal, LMK Gifts favors are personalized to customers specifications including wording to be printed on favors, matching colors and images to coordinate with customers party color scheme and theme. Additionally, we can be print in any language the customer requests,

  4. Unique Selling Points INDIVIDUALLY PRODUCED - All favors are hand assembled and individually created, not mass produced or imported in mass quantities from China. UNIQUE FAVORS - Favors offered are unique in that you cannot buy at any party store and find anywhere on the Internet (except for vendors who purchase my products wholesale from me to sell on their website) SUPERIOR CUSTOMER SERVICE - Have over 5,000 customers who have consistently expressed extreme pleasure and satisfaction generating not only repeat business but increased referral business.

  5. Some of our Products Baby Shower Favors

  6. Some of our Products Baptism Christening Favors

  7. Some of our Products Birthday Favors

  8. Some of our Products Bridal Shower Favors

  9. Some of our Products Wedding Favors

  10. Some of our Products Anniversary Favors

  11. Some of our Products Holiday Party Favors

  12. Some of our Products Communion Favors

  13. Some of our Products Graduation Favors

  14. Contact us By Postal Service:Attn: Lisa M. KuoLMK Gifts, LLC22 Highland DriveLivingston, New Jersey 07039-2809 By Telephone:1-973-994-95508:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday Eastern Time By Fax:Fax your questions or your order to us anytime at 1-973-994-9552. Please include a phone number where we can reach you during business hours. By Email:

  15. Thank You