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Math tutor - Ms.R Tutors Tutoring Service PowerPoint Presentation
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Math tutor - Ms.R Tutors Tutoring Service

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Math tutor - Ms.R Tutors Tutoring Service - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on - Ms. R. Tutors are the leading provider of in home tutoring in San Francisco bay area, Oakland, Palo Alto & San Jose. We pride ourselves in working with the most qualified, highly educated and well-experienced tutor.

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About us

  • Ms. R. Tutors takes pride in the personal touch we provide to our families and students.  Below is the process we take in finding you the best compatible tutor to meet your child’s needs:
  • During our initial phone conversation, we will discuss your child’s strengths, areas of need, as well as your future goals and expectations.
  • Next, we will personally visit you and your child at your home for an introduction meeting and for a better understanding of your child’s tutoring needs and personality.
  • We will then determine the tutor who can best fulfill your needs and goals. 

At this point, we will call you to discuss the background and qualifications of the tutor.

  • The tutor will contact you by phone to introduce him or herself and set up the day and time of the first session.
  • We will be continually checking in to ensure quality of service

Math Tutoring

Why Math MattersThe best first step toward helping a child struggling in math is early recognition.  Parents and teachers commonly dismiss math difficulty as a normal part of the child’s math career.  It is true that people can still succeed without excelling in math but, without certain math skills, a child’s opportunities are extremely limited.


Science Tutoring

Science Tutoring - Biology, Chemistry, Physics Tutors In San Jose, Palo Alto, Oakland & San Francisco Bay Area

Whether you need help with science homework, lab reports, test prep, or a science project, our qualified science tutors can help.  They are passionate about the science world and most of them are also qualified to tutor upper level math.  What makes our science tutors outstanding educators is their ability to set students at ease, talk to them in a language they can understand and get their students on the road to success.


English Tutoring

English Tutoring - Language Arts, Reading & Writing Tutors In San Jose, Palo Alto, Oakland & San Francisco Bay Area

Ms. R. Tutors offers the areas most qualified English tutors.  Below are the three main components covered in English tutoring. 

  • Some reading comprehension skills include:
  • Main Idea
  • Context Clues
  • Cause and Effect
  • Sequencing
  • Summarizing



Ms. R. Tutors offers services for the following languages:  Spanish, French, German, Latin, and many more.  Please ask about our other languages.When teaching a new language, our tutors focus on grammar, reading, writing, spelling, accent and pronunciation, advanced placement (AP courses).Most students take a language course in middle and high school.  Many colleges look for at least three years of continued courses in a language.When students get behind in a language, it is very difficult to catch up.  The students become overwhelmed and often give up. 


Study skills

At Ms. R. Tutors, we can help your children efficiently study for tests, organize materials, and manage time.Note taking is essential in middle and high schools. Our tutors can help with reading material then taking effective notes on important information. Many students also have long-term assignments; time management is another crucial skill for success. When a long-term assignment is given, it is important to break it apart into sub assignments and allocate time for each part. It becomes overwhelming for the student as well as the entire family if left for the last day.


Contact us

Call us: 415-448-7452