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Mark Allen Online - Ironman Beginners Triathlon Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Mark Allen Online - Ironman Beginners Triathlon Training

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Mark Allen Online - Ironman Beginners Triathlon Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Join professional triathlon training programs designed by Ironman World Champion and coach Mark Allen for all levels of triathlete training. Visit us at :

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Triathlon training plans and coaching by Mark Allen

We are a leading online sports training web site and offer customized triathlon training services. With the purchase of any training program, you get unlimited training services, including coaching and advice via email from Mark Allen and Luis Vargas in running, cycling, swimming, nutrition, strength training, triathlon in general and physical fitness.

All of our members with a current plan have access to our website, where members can access our library that includes advice on how to train, an online community forum, training videos and a log where athletes can record their performance of all plan workouts.


There are two training schedule option

1) The Peak Performance Program is designed for racing. The training volume is based on your workout preferences and the fitness information you provide. It then follows a very specific protocol of training that will progress you through the three stages essential to any effective training program: base building, speed work, and tapering.The Peak Performance Program is a schedule of training that lasts from 12-20 weeks. You pick the actual length of the program as it relates to your goal race date.


There are two training schedule option

2) The Maintenance Program is designed to develop and maintain a moderate level of fitness. The schedule will build and maintain enough fitness so that when you approach the window when it is time to switch over to the Peak Performance Program, your body will be ready.The Maintenance Program is ideal during the off-season when you want to keep a training program going, but would not benefit from the volume and intensity of the Peak Performance Program. It is also ideal during the middle of the racing season after an early race is over and it is too soon to start in for a late season goal.


The training programs offer the following features:

- Entirely customized

- Multiple race planning

- Accommodates race plan changes

- Proper training phases

- Heart rate ranges

- Pitfall avoidance

- Adaptation to missed workouts


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