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  1. Mobile Messaging Gateway and Solutions Provider to a multitude of local and global clients.

  2. About us MACROKIOSK operates its own mobile messaging gateway with connection to more than 400 mobile operators worldwide. Providing world-class quality bulk and premium messaging capabilities. Coverage is extended to all leading mobile platforms including GSM, IMODE, CDMA, TDMA, ETACS and Iridium. Success is our key ambition and we see this through the expansion of our corporate presence in 10 major countries namely Brunei, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. With our services, the world is already in your hand at the most optimum operational cost. You will find in us the most ideal business partner to work with as we connect you to any mobile subscribers you want to reach anywhere in the world.

  3. Awards 2008 ASEAN Business Award, SME Innovation category 2007 Enterprise 50 Award 2006 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Award

  4. Telco Solutions Automated Mobile Xchange (AMX) MACROKIOSK Automated Mobile Xchange (AMX) is an intelligent and adaptive mobile data control and management system built to address an ever-evolving mobile technology landscape. The system enables mobile/network operators to correspond quickly to changing needs in the mobile content and services industry, while also allowing for easy incorporation of new solutions or network technologies that best suit the market environment.

  5. Telco Solutions 3G MACROKIOSK offers the following 3G services to 3G operators and 3G solution providers around the world. These 3G services are fully ASP hosted models. 3G Mobile Data Charging Platform 3G Video Portal 3G IV2R – Interactive Voice and Video Response 3G Video Call Back 3G Video Call – H.324/323 transcoder 3G Personalized Video Ring Back 3G Conferencing 3G Video Messaging 3G Call Centre Solutions 3G Video Mailbox 3G Video Recording 3G Video Sharing

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