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A United States fiance and spousal visa law firm and United States Immigration Consular LawyersServices we provide :Our law firm provides comprehensive immigration case filing service in the areas of family immigration law. We represent individuals and families seeking legal services and support for family immigration issues. National and International RepresentationImmigration law is federal law and applies to all 50 states. Our firm represents individuals and families throughout the nation and around the world. We complete the case for you and your family by directly communicating with your loved ones abroad and including them in the case filing process. No matter where you are located our law firm can represent you throughout the process.

Unique selling points

■ The NIA law firm provides comprehensive immigration case filing service in the areas of family immigration law. We represent individuals and families from around the world seeking legal services and support for family immigration visas. We are a US based immigration law firm that is licensed under the Supreme Court in the state of Colorado. We provide legal counsel and representation for our clients before the USCIS (Immigration and Citizenship Services) and the US Department of State consular section for consular processing visas. Although our practice is in the US, the majority of our clients are located across the nation and around the world.

Unique selling points

■National and International RepresentationImmigration law is federal law and therefore, applies to all 50 United States. The majority of our clients are internationally located and in all parts of the US. Because US immigration law is federal law, attorneys and law firms are able to assist in the legal process of filing a case matter before the US government from any US state in the United States.

■ Tools and technology are a part of our service to provide efficiency for case preparation. Online emails, state of the art database, teleconferences through office or skype, video, fax and international courier mailings make it possible for us to provide the most proficient service to our clients and to keep our costs low in order to allow those seeking legal counsel to afford an experienced and successful immigration attorney and law firm.

Unique selling points

■ NIA Attorney Fees are second to none for quality legal representation. We provide a thorough preparation for case filing and full support throughout the process. The attorney and his staff dilligently work directly with you to get your case filed efficiently and quickly. At NIA law firm, you can afford an experienced immigration attorney who is efficient and can provide expertise.

■ With over 15 years of experience in handling hundreds of immigration cases with a high success rate of 98% approvals on all family immigration cases, the NIA law firm has been successful with their clients as it holds high professional standards and employs expertise and experience to each case matter at hand to achieve these successful results for our clients.

Unique selling points

■ NIA takes pride and pleasure in representing and participating in the process to immigrate family members and loved ones to the United States. We understand that just about every family in the US has had some family member who has immigrated to the United States. Uniting families and loved ones is as important to our law firm as it is to our clients.

■ Email our law firm! We will schedule and provide you with detailed email consulations, online teleconference and video conferencing for all inquiries and necessary consultations. Our responses are lengthy, explanitory and detailed to provide you with the answers you may be seeking.

■ To learn more about us, please view the various links off to the right side of the screen. Email us for a free consultation on how to get your case started with our law firm right away!

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