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Bankruptcy Lawyers In San Diego PowerPoint Presentation
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Bankruptcy Lawyers In San Diego

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Bankruptcy Lawyers In San Diego - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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We are a San Diego, California, debt relief agency. We are licensed attorneys helping people file for relief under the Bankruptcy Code. We provides individuals with professional debt relief assistance. Visit us at :

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About Us

Our firm was founded by two local attorneys who share a mission driven by today's troubling economic times.

That mission is to help people adapt to change. If you are suffering from mounting debt you cannot afford, then we can provide you options to regain financial stability.

We will give you straightforward answers.

To speak with a skilled, helpful attorney about your financial situation and what to do next, please contact us today.

Your initial consultation will be free.

Work directly with a skilled bankruptcy attorney every step of the way.

Some other bankruptcy law firms assign much of the work to assistants, law clerks or paralegals. We believe you are best served by an attorney throughout the entire process, and will not increase our profit margin to the detriment of our clients.


What is Bankruptcy?

Simply stated, bankruptcy is a legal procedure that allows those in financial distress to get out of debt and a get a fresh start.

The bankruptcy procedure serves two primary purposes:

1) it allows an individual to get out of debt; and

2) it holds off creditors while individuals get out of debt.


Why Us?

San Diego Bankruptcy and Loan Modification Attorneys

Helping Recession Victims.

Providing Debt Relief.

San Diego Lawyers Advising San Diego Homeowners.

Professional Legal Assistance.

Affordable Debt Solutions


How We Help You?

Help you learn about bankruptcy basics.

Help you determine whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you, based on your specific financial circumstances.

Clearly explain benefits, risks, and obligations associated with the various types of personal bankruptcy and other debt relief options.

Address your concerns and questions on important topics ranging from the power of bankruptcy, to stopping creditor harassment, to what property you will be able to keep.

Evaluate legal options available to you if your priority is keeping your home; and.

Personally guide you through every step in the bankruptcy process — never turning your case over to a less knowledgeable assistant.


Contact Us

Avraham & Robinson, LLP


2801 Camino Del Rio S., Suite 313

San Diego, CA 92108