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Procurement Card Program. COPH P-CARD PROCEDURES. Overview. Certification training is required for all PCard users. PCard users must have a designated reconciler and backup reconciler to handle incoming electronic PCard charges.

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Procurement card program

Procurement Card Program



  • Certification training is required for all PCard users.

  • PCard users must have a designated reconciler and backup reconciler to handle incoming electronic PCard charges.

  • PCard users are accountable for appropriate use and security of PCards.

  • PCard transactions must be submitted within 3 business days.

  • PCard users are personally responsible for inappropriate PCard charges.

  • All PCards have a specified dollar limit.

  • All PCard purchases must be over $20.00

  • All PCards have controlled vendor access.

  • PCard mis-use could lead to COPH’s loss of PCard privileges.


  • Your PCard is the property of the University of South Florida and the Bank of America. Only YOU, the cardholder, may use your PCard. Treat your PCard as you would your own credit card.

  • Don't give your PCard to anyone else. The card is for your use only. Do not let others use your card, or card number. Keep your PCard in a secure place. Your PCard account number should be guarded carefully. Do not post it or put it in a non-secure place. Ensure that your PCard account number isn't easily accessible to others.

  • Additional security questions about PCard? If you are not sure who can have access to your card, or card number, contact the PCard Administrator


  • If your card is lost or stolen, immediately: (1) Call the bank at (888) 449-2273. *DO NOT allow the bank to issue you a replacement card*

  • Note that the bank may request your SSN for security and may wish to verify the cardholder billing address.

  • The cardholder billing address for all PCards (to include all USF locations) is: 4202 E. Fowler Ave, Tampa, FL 33612-9445(2) Contact the PCard Administrator who will handle ordering you a new card.

Accounting information
Accounting Information

  • PCards purchases can only be tied to departments which flow through the University of South Florida Treasury. No USF Foundation funds are allowed.

  • PCards must have a default chartfield that is non grant related.

  • IMPORTANT: Even though PCards are assigned to a specific USF chartfield, transactions can be paid on different chartfields.

Commodity purchases1
Commodity Purchases

  • PCard Cardholders MUST time stamp and place in the purchasing basket all supporting material for commodity purchases within 3 days of a purchase.

  • Receipts are the critical part of the PCard purchases.

    • Each receipt must detail the purpose of the purchase and have the complete chart field information.

    • Receipts MUST have cardholder signature & PI’s signature if other than the card holder.

    • Receipts should document the day the merchandise was received by the card-holder.

  • Caution: Non-compliance with these time frames is considered Mis-Use of your Card and may result in loss of PCard privileges.

Commodity purchases2
Commodity Purchases

  • The purchase is exempt from sales tax.

  • Not to process the charge until product is shipped. USF prohibits payment prior to receipt of product.

  • Your shipping address. Be specific every time you order.

  • Keep all the shipping boxes the product arrived in. Don't throw away the packing materials until you have confirmed the order is what you wanted.

  • The vendor can credit your PCard just as they would your personal credit card.

  • Within 3 calendar days of confirming a credit with a vendor, tell your reconciler about the credit and provide them with reason for the credit and proper documentation.

Commodity purchases3
Commodity Purchases

  • Accurate, detailed records of PCard purchases allows PCard administrators, Account Reps, USF auditors and State auditors to verify and audit your purchases for compliance with State and University rules.

  • Caution: Non-compliance is considered Mis-Use of your card and may result in loss of PCard privileges.

Reconciler responsibilities
Reconciler Responsibilities

  • Once you have turned your receipts into your reconciler, here is what happens to them:

    • Review receipt for completeness and accuracy

    • Review receipt for purchase allow ability

    • Review receipt for proper documentation

  • Reconciler will match the receipt to incoming charges in Fast and approve within 2 business days.

  • Original receipts are then attached to the P-card holders monthly bank statements.

  • Reconciler keeps the signed monthly report in accordance with the USF records retention schedule until requested for audit review. Once you turn in your PCard receipts, you still may be asked questions about your purchases by:

    • Your reconciler

    • Your Account Rep

    • PCard Administrator

    • USF Auditors

    • State of Florida Auditors

  • Caution: PCard users who do not appropriately handle transactions and receipts may lose PCard privileges.


  • Using the PCard for travel doesn't change any of the existing rules and statutes which govern travel.

  • You can access these rules at:




  • Meals are NOT an allowable charge to PCard  

  • Do not charge any other non-reimbursable expenses to your room/PCard

  • If you have any personal charges on your hotel bill, ask to pay for them separately. 

  • Any unallowable purchases must be credited back to the P-card and another form of payment presented. 

  • Remember to get a complete, itemized receipt of all PCard hotel charges.

  • You are personally liable for any charges or penalties resulting from failure to give proper notice of cancellation. 

Travel purchases
Travel purchases

  • Copies of all travel related receipts are to be time stamped and placed in the purchasing basket within 3 business days of the last day of your travel.

  • Your completed Travel Expense Report (TER) detailing each P-card purchase is to be turned into your Account Rep within 7 days of the last day of your trip.

  • Original receipts will be attached to the (TER) Form when it is filed.

Reconcilers responsibility
Reconcilers Responsibility

  • If no funds were due the traveler from the trip, a completed Travel Expense Report (TER) for the trip must still be completed to keep with the monthly credit card statement.  

  • Travel Expense Reports also provide the necessary signatures required for the purchases (cardholder and PI)

  • Important: PCard participants are required to show that a Travel Expense Report Form (TER) was filed for every travel PCard transaction. Failure to document this can lead to suspension of PCard privileges for the Cardholder.

Usf p card audit
USF P-Card Audit

  • USF auditor’s reviewed all units with high levels of p-card activity, including COPH

  • Issues for COPH:

    • Lack of appropriate back-up

    • Timely processing of p-card charges

    • Appropriate review by COPH staff of charges

  • Solutions:

    • Account reps review charges

    • P-card holder training

    • Identification of internal steps for miss-use of p-card

    • Consideration of travel-only p-card use

Mis use of pcard
Mis-Use of PCard

  • First occurrence –

    • Written warning with notification of problem/issue

  • Second occurrence –

    • Written notice of problem/issue and suspension of p-card.

  • Third occurrence –

    • Termination of P-card

Helpful hints
Helpful Hints

  • Check receipts before signing (taxes, room service, food etc)

  • If in doubt check the web site or ask your Account Rep or Reconciler

  • Turn receipts in timely and completed with necessary information

  • Required backup for P-card purchases is the same as purchasing rules (open record statement, quotes, office stores, etc)

  • Complete TER’s on time