Airfield snow removal tactics
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Airfield Snow Removal Tactics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Airfield Snow Removal Tactics. Runway Condition?. The Snow Plan. Snow Plan Design. Create a specific plan of action, well before the season arrives Establish airfield priorities and runway maintenance times

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Snow plan design
Snow Plan Design

  • Create a specific plan of action, well before the season arrives

  • Establish airfield priorities and runway maintenance times

  • Snow removal operations should be both interactive and systematic, involving a collaborative effort on behalf of multiple agencies

Team effort
Team Effort

  • Airport operations designs the snow plan to achieve specific goals during a snow event

  • Include the FAA (tower) to understand it’s role in snow removal.

  • Include the airlines to support a proactive snow plan

  • Include airfield maintenance to execute the plan

Airfield snow removal tactics

  • Hydrostatic Brooms

  • Produced better friction results

  • Restricted capability in heavy snow accumulations

Mte advantages
MTE Advantages

  • Plow, sweep and air blast the surface in one pass

  • High performance capability reduces runway occupancy times (30mph plus)

  • One person operation promotes effective utilization of human resources

  • The MTE operates effectively in snow accumulations from 0 to 30 inches

Runway deployment
Runway Deployment

Runway 08/26

10,000ft long X 150ft wide

Complete in 10 Minutes

Yellow Runway Team

Green Taxiway Team

Runway team 12 000 x 200ft
Runway Team12,000 x 200ft





11 Multi Tasking Equipment Lead Plow

2 High speed high capacity snow Blowers

2 4000 Gallon Chemical Tankers/90’ Spray Boom

1 Friction Measuring Vehicle

16 Total pieces of equipment

1 Operations Field Manager

1 Airport Maintenance Supervisor

Taxiway team
Taxiway Team


4 Multi Tasking equipment Lead plow

1 4000 Gallon Chemical Tankers/50’ Spray Boom

1 Blower

6 Total equipment

Tactical equipment program
Tactical Equipment Program

16 Runway team

6 Taxiway team

22 total number of equipment

Training and safety
Training and Safety

  • Establish a training and safety position or department

  • Develop consistent training procedures including pre and post operator equipment inspections

  • Recurring training for airfield operators is required

  • Establish operator accountability

Airfield snow removal tactics

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