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  1. ITALY'S ATTACK ON ETHIOPIA The Final Failure of the League of Nations

  2. ITALY ETHIOPIA VS "War is to man as maternity is to women" -Mussolini (Leader of Italy)

  3. Mussolini “Let us have a dagger between our teeth, a bomb in our hands, and an infinite scorn in our hearts.” The fascist dictator of Italy; Mussolini, had many reasons in wanting to conquer Ethiopia (formerly Abyssinia), such as:

  4. Ethiopia was one of only two of the independent nations left in Africa. #1

  5. Mussolini wanted to provide an outlet for the over-population of his country. #2

  6. Ethiopia lay between Italy and her two colonies: Eritrea and Italian Somaliland #3

  7. Italy's Colonies in Relation to Ethiopia

  8. In the past, Italy had initiated an attack on Ethiopia called the Battle of Adawa in 1896 and… #4


  10. In 1934, Italy instigated an incident in Ethiopia which resulted in the death of four Italians. .

  11. The League of Nations had an impractical system of waiting for every member to agree before any action could be taken.

  12. Therefore, when Ethiopia appealed the League with regards to Italy’s unjust demands the League spent a year discussing the issue with no progress.

  13. In 1935, Italy invaded Ethiopia without declaring war.

  14. Finally, the League voted to impose economic sanctions upon Italy. NO IMPORTS, EXPORTS AND TRADES! However they did not include the vital steel, coal and copper commodities.

  15. Since some countries were not part of the League, in significance the USA, opposing powers still traded with Italy. Therefore, Italy did not receive the punishment they deserved.

  16. Several days before the oil embargo was to go into effect, the foreign ministers of Britain and France, Samuel Hoare and Pierre Laval, created the Hoare-Laval Plan. The Hoare-Laval Plan Italy will be given most of Ethiopia if she will agree to stop fighting immediately. (Italy had already conquered half of Ethiopia)

  17. The plan was intended to remain secret, but it got leaked to the press. What’s the point in the League, anyways? “What a disgrace!” This demonstrated Britain and France’s lack of dedication to the League and unconcern for smaller, insignificant countries.

  18. VICTORY!VICTORY!VICTORY! V I C T O R Y ! V I C T O R Y ! Consequently, supporters of the sanctions became uninterested. Mussolini successfully conquered Ethiopia. VICTORY!VICTORY!VICTORY!

  19. Haile Salassie (Ethiopia) was forced to flee

  20. Italy’s attack was significant because it initiated Mussolini's modern military machine (air spray mustard gas)

  21. “If they only had the courage to impose the oil embargo I would have left in a week!” “NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW!”

  22. R-E-S-P-E-C-T The countries had no more and the League was DEAD

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