Multiplication and addition counting principles
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Multiplication and Addition Counting Principles. 8/13/09. Warm Up. Draw a tree diagram for the following problem. Show the sample space.

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Warm up
Warm Up

  • Draw a tree diagram for the following problem. Show the sample space.

    Shantae has a red pair of shoes, a blue pair of shoes and a green pair of shoes. She has a yellow purse and an orange purse. How many different ways can she wear one pair of shoes and one purse?

The new restaurant
The New Restaurant

Help the owner find the number of meal possibilities at his new restaurant.

Automobile choices
Automobile Choices


With a partner, make a list of possible choices for 3 brands, 2 types and 3 colors of automobiles.

Make a tree diagram to find the number of possible combinations.

Is there another way to find this number without making a tree diagram?

Movie popcorn
Movie Popcorn

Try this tree diagram on your own and then check your work with a partner.

Choose 3 flavors and 4 sizes

Coin toss
Coin Toss

  • Try this tree diagram at home for additional practice (Home Work!!)

    Types of coins would be penny, nickel, dime and quarter. Choose 3.

Multiplication counting principle
Multiplication Counting Principle

If one event can occur in m ways and another event can occur in n ways, then the number of ways that both events can occur together is m x n. 

This principle can be extended to three or more events. 

Multiplication counting principle1
Multiplication Counting Principle

You are ordering a sub sandwich. You may choose meat: turkey, ham or roast beef. You may choose a slice of cheese: cheddar, american or swiss. You may choose either wheat or white bread.

Using the multiplication counting principle, how many different sandwich combinations are there?

Multiplication counting principle2
Multiplication Counting Principle

  • How would you use the multiplication counting principle to find the number of possible automobile choices.

    (Brand x Type x Color = #)

  • Write similar equations for the popcorn and coin toss examples for additional practice. (H/W)


  • Answer the EQ in your notebook.

  • How can I apply the multiplication counting principle to find the number of outcomes?

  • Tommorow: Addition Counting Principle

    (It’s even easier!!!)