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Preparing to writeYour Curriculum Vitae A CV is “a summary of your educational - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CV. Preparing to writeYour Curriculum Vitae A CV is “a summary of your educational background and experiences” – It is usually all inclusive – It is usually 2 pages or more in length. What are CV’s for?. A résumé is a limited summary of education and experience pointed toward a

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Preparing to writeYour Curriculum Vitae

  • A CV is “a summary of your educational

  • background and experiences”

  • – It is usually all inclusive

  • – It is usually 2 pages or more in length

What are cv s for
What are CV’s for?

  • A résumé is a limited summary of

  • education and experience pointed toward a

  • specific career objective

  • – It may be selective

  • – It is usually no more than 2 pages in length

Importance of cv s
Importance of CV’s

  • A CV provides a first impression of your

  • professional qualifications

  • • Make sure it is

  • – Organized,

  • – Professional and

  • – High quality

Basic rules
Basic Rules


– If a job ad gives specific instructions follow

them. Ask for clarification if necessary.


– There is nothing that gives a worse impresion

than a poorly prof-read CV.

• C. Choose a consistent and easily readable


  • The CV should have relatively little

  • narrative.

  • • If there are portions that require explanation,

  • it may be appropriate to do so in a cover

  • letter.

  • • Resist the temptation to over-explain.

  • • On the other hand – the obvious will not be

  • ignored.

The components of cv s
The components of CV’s

1. Contact information

2. Education

3. Professional experience

4. Funding

5. Awards and honors

6. Memberships

7. Scholarly works

8. References

A contact information
A. Contact information

  • name, address,

  • phone, email

  • If you have a current position this should

  • include you title and institution

  • photo

B education
B. Education

Often in reverse chronological order

Remember: newest first

C professional experience
C. Professional experience

Also reverse chronological order!!!

Research Experience

– Teaching Experience

– Other professional experiences

• Non-academic or research positions

• Service performed

D other main parts
D. Other main parts

  • D. Funding

  • E. Awards and honors

  • F. Society memberships


reverse chronological order

  • – Refereed papers

  • – Abstracts

  • Don’t mix abstracts in with full papers

  • – Invited presentations

Statements of interest
Statements of interest

  • • Statements of research interests or plans.

  • • Statements of teaching interests or

  • philosophy.

  • • These are usually separate documents from

  • the CV and deserve their own serious

  • consideration.

Your cv your best friend handiest tool to obtain promotion tenure

Your CVYour Best Friend & Handiest Tool to Obtain Promotion / Tenure

Debbie Rissing

Director, External & Faculty Affairs

Dept. of Psychiatry

For p t application cv s primary function
For P/T applicationCV’s Primary Function:

A clear snapshot of achievements and abilities

Scholarly ActivitiesTeachingService – clinical service, service to Dept, College, University, Profession, Community Recognition in the field

Weight given to each varies by track, rank. Norms @:

Importance of your cv in promotion tenure application
Importance of your CV in Promotion/Tenure Application

  • Most external referees rely heavily on CV

  • It may be the only document an external referee looks at before writing evaluation

  • External letters weigh heavily in internal reviews, from dept through campus level.

  • Update, organize, and polish your CV.

A strong cv begets
A strong CV begets…

Positive External Letters

Positive Internal Reviews

Promotion &/or Tenure

Major elements of a p t application
Major elements of a P/T application

  • Scholarly Activities

  • Teaching Abilities and Achievements

  • Service

    Structure of CV should correspond to structure of promotion application

Scholarly activities
Scholarly Activities

  • Grants

  • Publications

    • Peer-reviewed journal articles

    • Other articles

    • Chapters in books

    • Review articles

  • Scientific presentations

    • Peer-reviewed, Invited, International/National

Teaching abilities achievements
Teaching Abilities, Achievements

Show depth, breadth, effectiveness of teaching

  • Note institutions, range of trainees, courses/ lectures

  • Role, and dates if not too cumbersome

  • Consider presenting info in a table -- clarity, organization, “skimability”

  • Concrete measures of teaching effectiveness: Course eval summaries? Former trainees’ remarkable success(es)? Awards?


  • Patient care

  • Service to Dept

  • Service to College/University

  • Service to Profession – editorial reviews, grant reviews, acad. or professional orgs, etc.

    • Leadership service (board member, appointed/elected officer, etc.)

    • List memberships separately; they don’t constitute service

  • If appropriate, consider Service to Profession subsections -- Internal / External, or Local, Regional, National, Internat’l


  • Abilities & achievements not noted = nothing done. When in doubt, include

  • Scrutinize CV. Make sure all relevant info is there

  • Scrutinize for appearance: Clear, “skimable,” organized

  • Scrutinize for consistent formatting, spelling.


  • Imagine your CV is one of 8 an ext ref must assess quickly. What first impression does yours make? Is it confusing, daunting? If so, revise, reorganize.

  • Aim for clear, organized, readable

  • NOTE: Internal reviewers will see 4 – 80 packets

  • Use white space, bold face type, tabs, categorization to improve readability, organization

  • Clinicians, don’t include license numbers


  • It’s ok to include personal info, but why expose that info? It’s not professionally relevant; it adds to risk of identity theft

  • Paginate – it brings order

  • Use a “last updated” feature

  • Keep a “self” file. Record: presentations, (note if invited), lectures, memberships, committee service (search, research, program, educ, residency recruitment, etc.)

Common mistakes
Common Mistakes

  • Missing academic title

  • Listing proposed title, rather than current title; confuses ext refs, irks internal refs!

  • Failure to update title after accepting a new position or role

  • Typos

  • Sloppy, inconsistent formatting

Common mistakes1
Common Mistakes

  • Failure to list all grants. Include pending

    and not funded. If you applied, didn’t get funded and don’t list that, it looks the same as not trying.

  • Poor organization

  • Misrepresenting non-peer-reviewed publications as though they are peer-reviewed

Common mistakes2
Common Mistakes

  • Mixing all pubs together - hard to discern peer-reviewed, non-peer-reviewed, abstracts, chapters

  • Overkill with underwhelm Ex: listing many individual radio and consumer press quotations. Go with: “Quoted professionally more than 60 times on radio, and more than 30 times in consumer print media.”

Common mistakes3
Common Mistakes

Padding: Do NOT:

  • List old, irrelevant info. For ex, high school or college extracurricular activities, non-academic activities such as hobbies

  • Double-dip, double list –

    if in doubt clarify with an explanatory note

Final tip
Final Tip

  • DoNOTMix Type Fonts

    … they make your CV look like a


Aims and objectives
Aims and Objectives

By the end of the session you will be able to:

  • Recognise the importance of writing a good CV.

  • Recognise the importance of proof-reading for spelling, punctuation, grammar and meaning.

  • Proof-read a “bad CV” and suggest ways of improving it.

  • Identify your own skills and personal qualities.

  • Draft and type up your own CV.

It s all about you
It’s all about you

CVs are an opportunity to show an employer why you are an ideal candidate for the job.

A good CV will:

  • Stand out from the crowd.

  • Draw attention to your relevant skills, experience, achievements and potential.

  • Create such an impression on the employer that they will not be able to turn you down for interview.

    Everyone has potential

    Everyone has more skills than they think they do

    Everyone can write a good CV

Proof read

One obvious but often overlooked aspect of good CV writing is proof-reading for spelling, punctuation and other errors.

CVs should be checked, drafted, re-drafted and then checked again.

Make sure that your CV is the best document you possess. It could make all the difference to get you that interview!


  • Use a standard font size in black ink.

  • Include recent and relevant work experience (paid or voluntary).

  • Be consistent in your layout.

  • List your skills and achievements and back up with evidence.

  • Keep it short (maximum 2 pages).

  • Use positive action verbs such as “organised, delivered, accomplished, achieved”.

  • Include a statement about your career aspirations and what you have to offer the employer.

  • Be honest but positive (negatives can always be turned into positives).

  • Proof-read for spelling, punctuation, grammar and meaning.

  • Get someone to check it for you.

Don t

  • Do it in a rush.

  • Leave gaps in employment.

  • Lie.

  • Include irrelevant personal details such as marital status.

  • Simply write a list of duties under work experience (remember you are selling yourself!).

  • Use flashy or large font.

    There is no single way to write a CV. It is your document and can be structured and presented as you wish within a basic framework.

    The important thing to remember is that this is the first impression an employer will have of you. It is your marketing brochure through which you are trying to sell yourself.

Activity a bad cv for example try the rich andrews cv available at http www onestopenglish com
Activity: A Bad CVFor example, try the ‘Rich Andrews’ CV available at

Entry 3: Proof-read the CV for spelling and punctuation errors.

Level 1: Proof-read the CV for spelling, punctuation and layout.

Level 2: Can you find anything else wrong with the CV?

What’s missing?

All: How could it be improved?

Igc conference 2011

IGC Conference 2011

CV & Interview Preparation

Caroline Kennedy

4th March 2011

Cv interview preparation igc conference 2011

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

The purpose of this workshop is to;

Gain an understanding into job hunting in this competitive environment.

Gain useful and practical advice on how job seekers can market themselves successfully as the ideal candidate to potential employers.

Upon completion of the workshop;

Know how to make an immediate impact with your CV

Know key format and content for your CV and Cover Letter

Know how to prepare for interview

Uncover essential interview tips and techniques

Cv interview preparation igc conference 20111

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Todays Job Market


Added Value

Unique Selling Point

Job Searching Methods

Transferable Skills


Strong References

Cv interview preparation igc conference 20112

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Jobsearch & Job Seekers

Know Job Seeking Process;

Job Application to Job Offer Stage

Add, CV & Letter, Application Form, Online, Telephone Interview, Aptitude or Dexterity Test, 1st Interview, 2nd Interview, Medical, Garda Clearance, Job Offer.

(Can take minimum 2 – 10 weeks)

Job Function & Tasks; Transferable Skills.

Demonstrate Skills/Abilities

S.T.A.R. Situation




Use Networking Opportunities

Cv interview preparation igc conference 20113

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

How People Find Jobs…

(From HSE WNO 2010)

Cv interview preparation igc conference 20114

Job Hunters IGC Conference 2011

(In order of preference in job seeking)







Drop Ins

Inside the Company


(In order of preference in recruitment)

Look inside Company



Drop Ins





CV & InterviewPreparation IGC Conference 2011

Cv interview preparation igc conference 20115

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Job Seeking Process

Curriculum Vitae

Generate interest in you and your skills, which will lead to interview, allowing opportunity to sell yourself.

Passport to a Job.

Record of all Education, Work History, Skills.

Most Important Document a Job Seeker can produce.

Cv interview preparation igc conference 20116

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

CV Should be;

Personal; Marketing Tool, Sells your skills/abilities to future employers.

Comprehensive; Present Full Potential, have solid examples to back up each item listed.

Concise; Have a good balance of information, may need a few drafts. Opportunity to expand further at interview.

Attractive; Must appeal to the reader, identify unique selling points and include them in profile

Cv interview preparation igc conference 20117

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

CV Content

Personal Details;

Essential; Name, Contact Phone Numbers, Email Contact.

Optional: Address, DOB.


Highlight History e.g. Over 3 year experience in Retail Sales.

Transferable Skills e.g. Good Organisational, Numeracy and I.T. Skills.

Personal Qualities e.g. Reliable, Hardworking, Friendly Individual.


Dates, College Name, Course Title/Qualification (Level)

List Subjects from Course.

Work History/Employment History

Dates, Employer Name, Job Title; Function/Tasks of Job.

(Work Placement)

Cv interview preparation igc conference 20118

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

CV Content contd./

Additional Information

e.g. Holder of Driving License/Safe Pass Card.

Voluntary Work

e.g. Volunteer Youth Assistant

Assisted with Summer Camp Activities for kids aged 10-14yrs.


Show a balance of group and individual activities.


Name, Title, Company Name, Phone, Email Contact.

Signed & Date

Shows ownership of CV & CV is up to date.

Cv interview preparation igc conference 20119

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Types of CV

Functional CV; Focuses on Skills

Combination CV; Skills and Jobs

Chronological CV; Job History in

reverse order

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201110

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

CV Layout Presentation

KISS (Keep it Short & Simple) 2 Pages.

Use Action Words

Use Phrases not sentences

Make it easy for interviewer to Find you.

Minimise Personal data

Keep it Clear and Clean

Design C.V so that it is easy on the eye.

Check Spelling and Typing.

Writing from Present to Past.

Avoid Gaps.

Tell the Truth.

Keep your C.V Up to Date.

Put your name on Every Page.

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201111

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Sample CV….

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201112

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Sample CV….

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201113

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Cover Letters


Provides opportunity to highlight how your specific skills match job requirements.

The Letter….

Good Appearance

Make it Perfect

Use a Business Correspondence Format

Write to a specific person

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201114

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Writing Cover Letters

Use a grabber first sentence.

Why you are attracted to position.

Highlight experience, skills relevant to job.

Include information about training, personal traits.

State your next step.

Thank person for time/consideration.

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201115

A great lover of languages, I speak intermediate German, high-level Russian, and fluent Spinach.

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

My duties included greeting laundrette customers, removing their clothes, and washing them. 

I have never been backwards when it comes to coming forwards.

This document outlines my experience, skills, and qualifications, which I trust you will carefully overlook.

CV Mistakes.…..

“Career break in 1999 to renovate my horse”

"Education: Curses in liberal arts, curses in computer science, curses in accounting."

"Instrumental in ruining entire operation for a Midwest chain store."

“I am anxious to use my exiting skills.”

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201116

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Interview Purpose

Business meeting with both parties having an agenda.

Two-way conversation when both parties are evaluating each other.

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201117

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Interview Purpose…..

Suitability for JobPersonality


Information from CV

Character Opinion Responsible


Cv interview preparation igc conference 201118

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Interview Preparation

Believe in yourself & shine

Do your homework

Make a good first impression

Body Language

Sounding Positive

The Interview is a 2 way process

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201119

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Types of Interview

One to One Interview

Panel Interview

Telephone Interview

Group Interview

Video Interview

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201120

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Interview Stages

Welcome Stage

The Acquiring Information Stage

Supplying of Information Stage

Parting/Closure Stage

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201121

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Types of Interview Format

Competency Based Interview

(Probing for information to understand candidate)

Chronological Interview

(Takes lead from CV/Application Form)

Case Study Interview

(Present case study, what action to take,/work out solution)

Technical Interview

(Questions about technical work; final year projects/research etc)

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201122

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

What types of questions are asked at interviews?

Introductory Questions

Tell me about yourself ? Why do you want this job?

Why you left your last job? What is your understanding…?

Qualifications Situation – Scenario

Previous Experience Why should we hire you?

Skills / Strengths Weaknesses

Hobbies / Interests Future plans

References Do you have any questions?

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201123

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Interview Questions





The Job

All emphasis your Skills (Personal, Practical)

Knowledge, Experience & Personal Traits

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201124
CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Group Exercise

Think Like an Employer

What Skills are Required?

What interview Questions to Ask?

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201125

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Useful Websites

Networking websites;

Cv interview preparation igc conference 201126

CV & Interview Preparation IGC Conference 2011

Thank You

Enjoy Rest of Conference

[email protected]

Local Employment Service Jobs Club Limerick


Resume writing

RESUME WRITING IGC Conference 2011

What is a Resume IGC Conference 2011

  • The answer to “What can you do for me?”

  • Highlights the relevant facts about you, your education, and your experience.

  • Makes the first impression about you.

  • Positions you in the mind of the employer, thus creating a value.

  • The interview gets you the job, the resume gets you the interview!

What will a resume do for me
What Will a Resume Do For Me? IGC Conference 2011

  • Helps organize your thoughts.

  • Enable you to assess your strengths, skills, abilities and experience - thereby preparing you for the interview process

  • Act as a reminder of you to the employer/interviewer after you're done interviewing

  • Be a basis for the interviewer to justify your hiring

A resume is not a cv

A CV is used in academic and research-oriented job searches.

A CV is of flexible length.

A CV is a record of your academic accomplishments and credentials.

A resume is used in business, government and other types of job searches.

1 page, 2 pages max.

Should be targeted to a particular job in a particular field.

A Resume is NOT a CV


  • Know Yourself

    • Current Values, Interests, Skills, Personality Traits and Personal Priorities.

    • Goal Setting.

  • Explore Career Opportunities

    • Matching goals, transferable skills, and personal needs to a career path.

  • A list of potential employers.

  • Job descriptions from past positions.

  • Research1

    • What kind of skills and experience required?

    • What can you say that demonstrates that you have made some effort to learn about the company?

    • What can you tell them about the contribution you are qualified to make?

    Relevant, Clear and Concise.

    No typing errors.

    No misspellings.

    No Abbreviations.

    Do not tell a lie or mistruth.

    Do not include any negative information.

    Should i have more than one version of my resume
    Should I Have More Than One Version of My Resume?

    • YES!

    • Create a targeted resume each time you apply for an opportunity.

    • Develop a 'generic' resume to use in online databases.

    Use action verbs
    Use Action Verbs!

    Organized Communicated Directed

    Planned Created Assisted

    Supported Initiated Solved

    Reported Edited Analyzed

    Described Developed Managed

    Led Sold Designed

    Critical categories
    Critical Categories

    Put in everything that would point out why you would be good at the job.


    Is a concise section about what you have to offer to a prospective employer in terms of Experience, Skills, Results, Interests or you job Objective.

    Example: “Fourteen years of marketing experience, proven ability in building brands.”


    Elementary school teacher and supervisor of student interns training colleagues in combining technology and teaching. Professional musician and drama coach capable of staging plays and skits with experience producing twenty school plays. History and English major covering and instructing 25-30 students annually in all subjects raising their reading and math achievements by one grade level.

    Contact information
    Contact Information

    • Name (largest font)

    • Address, City and State (spell out state)

    • Telephone Number

    • Cell Number

    • Email Address

    The career objective
    The Career Objective

    • Keep it short.

    • Example:

      • “To obtain a position as an Administrative Assistant in a hospital setting.”

    Employment history
    Employment History

    • Reverse chronological order.

    • Divide the Relevant Experience with Work History.

    • Five Components:

      • Job Title

      • Name of Employer

      • Location

      • Dates of employment

      • Description

    • Exclude

      • Unaccountable gaps.

      • Street address, supervisor names, telephone number or reason for leaving.


    • List most recent education first.

    • Mention Date of Completion and University/College name.

    • Percentage only if I class.

    • Academic honors.

    • Don’t include high school (unless this is your highest level of education).

    Relevant coursework optional
    Relevant Coursework (Optional)

    • This is for new graduates or current students.

    • This lets the employer know which courses you have already completed.

    • Do not list every course, only relevant courses to specific skills.

    Activities and honors
    Activities and Honors

    • Only if relevant to job.

      • Mention scholarships, memberships etc.

      • Community work, volunteer work etc.

    • Don’t include anything from before college.

    • Avoid controversial topics such as Politics, Religion etc.

    For Freshers, you may mention extra-curricular activities, which would highlight your suitability to the job.

    Significant personal facts
    Significant Personal Facts

    • Technological Skills.

    • Foreign Language.

    Hobbies and interests
    Hobbies and Interests

    • Don’t list unless

      • Organized, that is, if you belong to a club or group

      • Relevant to the position


    • Must come as a separate document using the same header on resume.

    • Do not send to employer unless they request it.

    • Between 3-5 references,

      • All individuals with direct knowledge of your job abilities.

      • Or a professor of main subjects.

    • Ask the permission of references before giving their names and numbers.

    Do s of resume writing
    Do’s of Resume Writing

    • 1 to 2 page.

    • Write in telegraphic style- without verbs, articles or connectives.

    • 10-12 font size.

    • Times New Roman, Arial, Bookman, Trebuchet, Lucida Sans, Garamond, Verdana etc.

    • Be consistent with fonts/size/bold/italics etc.

    • Spread out information.

    • Indented or bulleted statements.

    • Bolding, different size fonts.

    • Your name should be largest font on page.

    • Write in third person.


    • Height, weight, place of birth, marital status, race, caste, religion and health.

    • Fancy Fonts, Clip art or non-traditional paper.

    • Don’t go for bordered paper.

    • Don’t fold resume, don’t stuff into envelope, don’t crumple.

    • The word "Resume" at the top! 

    • Avoid Details of Travels.

    • Any statement that begins with "I" or "My"

    • Reasons for leaving previous job(s).

    • Picture of yourself.

    • Salary Information.

    • References.

    • Religion, church affiliations, political affiliations.

    The final test
    The Final Test

    Does your resume answer these questions:

    • Does it clearly and quickly communicate to employer that you can do the job?

    • Do your strengths come across?

    • Does everything support the job you are targeting?

    • Should anything be removed?

    • Does it really sell your skills?

    Make your cv stand out

    Make Your CV Stand Out

    Your CV

    Veronica Rahim

    Career Services Consultant

    Center for Career Opportunities (CCO)

    Connecting with the cco
    Connecting with the CCO

    Office: Stewart Center Room 194

    Walk Ins: 10:00am-4:00pm

    Email: [email protected]

    Phone: 765-494-3981

    Curriculum vitae
    Curriculum Vitae

    Graduate Application





    International Appointment


    Latin. the course of one’s life or career






    Memory jogger resource
    Memory-Jogger Resource


      • Job and Internship Handbook

      • Review pages 22 – 25


      • Tip Sheets and Videos

      • Curriculum Vitae Packet

      • Print pages 2 and 3

      • Thoroughly check off all areas that apply

      • Compare to what you already have written

    Format first impression
    Format – First Impression

    • Name - 14-20 font size - Only list Permanent Resident/US Citizen when…

    • Remaining document - 10-12 font size

    • Margins – Top (0.8 – 1”), Sides and Bottom (0.5 – 1”)

    • Bolding and all caps – Use with purpose to emphasize

    • Underlining under words – Use minimally or not at all, as it can be harsh on the eyes

    • Underlining headings across page– nice separation

    • Italics – Use minimally and with caution. Note: In some K-12 systems some technology is outdated

    • AND DON’T

      • Do…

        • This…

    Format formailities
    Format Formailities

    Order matters – prioritize most important top to bottom

    Dates – list on right – least important compared to content

    Keep Off - gender, age, height, weight, marital status, dependents, race, ethnic background, or religion, except when appropriate when applying for some international positions.

    Content make it count
    Content – Make it Count!

    Always start with the following:

    • Heading

      • Home address, not work address

    • Objective

      • Already self serving, so no unnecessary statements

        • i.e. ….to enhance my ____ skills and learn more ___.

    • Education

      • List in reverse chronological order – degrees obtained

      • Do not leave off a degree if you are working towards it

      • Related classes?? Let’s talk about this…

    Content make it memorable
    Content – Make it Memorable!

    List in reverse chronological within each category:

    • Publications

      • Don’t bullet or number

      • use appropriate format – APA, etc

      • Know when to use et. al. and list in correct author order

      • List in preparation, submitted, etc. when appropriate

    • Grants

    • Presentations

    • Awards

    Content make it unique
    Content – Make it Unique!

    Special Projects



    Skills – applied, not soft

    International Study/Appointments


    • More comprehensive, not necessarily all inclusive

      • You still choose what stays and what goes

      • Category options – research,

        teaching, related, additional

    • Focus on the following:

      • Reverse Chronological Order

      • Relevance of Experience

      • Results-Oriented Bullets

    • Embrace maximizing power

    Contact information1
    Contact Information

    Veronica Rahim

    Purdue University

    Center for Career Opportunities (CCO)

    Career Services Consultant

    [email protected]


    Thank You!

    Lcvp cv headings
    LCVP CV Headings

    • Personal details

      • Include Name, Address, Telephone, DOB

      • Must be signed with a pen

    • Skills and Qualities – 3 of each, in 2 sentences

    • Educational qualifications

    • Work experience (must be from 5th or 6th year)

    • Achievements/Interests/Hobbies

      • (5 in total, at least 1 of each)

      • Do not have to be sentences

    • Referees (2)

    Resume cover letter writing

    Resume & Cover Letter Writing

    Kathy Dorsett, Ed.S., NCC

    Leigh Eskin, B.A.

    The Career Center

    Florida State University

    Purpose of the resume
    Purpose of the Resume

    • Marketing tool for your job search

    • Pre-screening tool for employers

    • Gain interviews with employers

    • Applying to graduate school

    • Difference between a resume and a C.V.?












    • Chronological

    • Functional/Combination

    Chronological resume
    Chronological Resume

    Best Used When:

    • career direction is clear

    • job target matches work history

    • current employer or position adds prestige

    Functional combination

    Best Used When:

    • Need to emphasize skills

    • Person has varied work history

    • Specific experience required for the job

    • Education or current position not relevant to job target

    Consider your target audience
    Consider your target audience

    • Who’s going to be reading your resume?

      • Develop a job target

      • Consider the type of organization you want to work for

      • Decide what type of information, and in what format, is most appropriate for your target audience

    Formatting your resume how to emphasize selected information
    Formatting Your Resume (How to emphasize selected information)


    • BOLD



    What do you emphasize
    What Do You Emphasize?




    • SKILLS


    • Identification

    • Career Objective

    • Education/Training

    • Experience

    • Optional Categories

    • References






    City, State Zip

    Phone Number

    E-mail Address

    Identification heather adler hadler41@yahoo com
    Identification HEATHER ADLER [email protected]

    PRESENT ADDRESSPERMANENT ADDRESS220-A Bradford Court 571 SE 12th StreetTallahassee, FL 32303 Pompano Beach, FL 33060(850) 385-1370 (305) 943-0029

    Career objective profile summary of qualifications

    Focus on Your:




    Focus on Situation:

    Career Areas

    Position Title

    Type of Organization

    Functional Area


    Career Objective / Profile / Summary of Qualifications

    Sample career objectives
    Sample Career Objectives

    • Skills

      • Seeking a position which uses my human relations, organizational, and administrative skills.

    • Education

      • Seeking a position where I can use my technical training and Masters of Business Administration.

    Career objectives cont
    Career Objectives (cont.)

    • Career Area/Type of Organization

      • A position in sales and marketing with a consumer products organization.

    • Position Title

      • To secure a management trainee position in a retail setting with an emphasis on design.

    Career objectives cont1
    Career Objectives (cont.)

    • Functional Area/Population

      • To obtain a human services position working with the elderly where I can use my counseling and administrative skills.

    • Type of Organization

      • Seeking a position emphasizing money management with a consumer services firm.

    Heather adler hadler41@yahoo com
    HEATHER ADLER [email protected]

    Present Address Permanent Address

    220-A Bradford Court 571 SE 12th Street

    Tallahassee, FL 32303 Pompano Beach, FL 33060

    (850) 385-1370 (305) 943-0029


    A position in a secondary school setting utilizing my educational background in psychology and my communication and organizational skills.

    Education training

    • Name of degree

    • Date of degree

    • Name & location of institution

    • Major/minor(s)

    • Overall GPA/GPA in major

    • Relevant coursework

    • Academic honors

    Heather adler hadler41@yahoo com1
    HEATHER ADLER [email protected]

    Present Address Permanent Address

    220-A Bradford Court 571 SE 12th Street

    Tallahassee, FL 32303 Pompano Beach FL 33060

    (850) 385-1370 (305) 943-0029


    A position in a secondary school setting utilizing my educational background in psychology and my communication and organizational skills.


    Bachelor of Science in Psychology, August 2010

    Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

    Minor: Spanish

    GPA: 3.3


    • Related Experience

    • Additional Experience

      Can include:




      • MILITARY




    • position title

    • name of organization

    • organization’s location

    • dates employed

    • duties/skills used/responsibilities

    • accomplishments/results

    Heather adler hadler41@yahoo com2
    HEATHER ADLER [email protected]

    Present Address Permanent Address

    220-A Bradford Court 571 SE 12th Street

    Tallahassee, FL 32303 Pompano Beach FL 33060

    (850) 385-1370 (305) 943-0029647-1289


    A position in a secondary school setting utilizing my educational background in psychology

    and my communication and organizational skills.


    Bachelor of Science in Psychology, August 2010

    Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL

    Minor: Spanish

    GPA: 3.3


    Florida Center for Reading Research, Tallahassee, FL

    Research Assistant, Early Childhood Research, January 2010-July 2010

    • Conducted assessments to measure early childhood literacy, learning, and behaviors

    • Input collected data into computers using SPSS and Microsoft Excel

    • Organized 500+ files of assessment data for increased accessibility

    Sample action verbs















    Sample Action Verbs

    Action verb examples
    Action Verb Examples

    • Sales Representative

      • Initiated and completed all services for new customers, as well as handled all billing problems and service change orders.

    • Teaching Assistant

      • Instructed 110 students in basic speaking techniques; designed and implemented new lesson on effective non-verbal communication skills.

    Optional categories




    Community Service

    Computer Skills








    Prof. Activities



    Special Projects

    Special Skills


    Optional Categories



    List on Separate Sheet

    References for heather adler
    References for Heather Adler

    Eddy Employer

    Bureau Chief

    Florida Department of State

    Koger Building, Room 122

    Tallahassee, FL

    (850) 488-5412

    Ms. Jane Doe, Vice President for Operations

    Widgets Designs, Inc.

    1150 Busch Blvd., Suite 140

    Tampa, FL 33412

    (813) 674-1389

    Dr. Lyn Smith, Professor

    FSU College of Human Sciences

    Room 120 Sandels Bldg.

    Tallahassee, FL 32306-1059

    (850) 644-2121

    [email protected]

    Personal data
    Personal Data*

    • Marital Status

    • Birthdate

    • Health

    • Photo

    • Height/Weight

    • Willing to Travel/Relocate

      * (Optional--Generally Not Included)

    Don t1

    • State salary requirements

    • Give reasons for leaving employers

    • Limit geographic range

    • Expound on philosophy, unless asked; put in document separate from resume

    • Offer any negative information

    Common mistakes4
    Common Mistakes

    • Too long

    • Disorganized

    • Poorly typed/printed

    • Overwritten

    • Too sparse

    • Not results oriented

    • Irrelevancies

    • Misspellings, typos

    • Content doesn’t match objective

    Cover letter
    Cover Letter

    • Standard Business Letter Format

    • Personalize/Slant to the Employer or Job

    • Highlight Relevant Qualifications

    • Proof Carefully for Grammar & Typos

    • Avoid Overuse of “I”

    • Use Quality Paper

    Cover letter format
    Cover Letter Format

    • 1ST Paragraph - OPENING

      • Reason for writing

      • Name of position, career area

      • How you heard of opening

    • 2nd Paragraph - BODY

      • Highlight related experience/qualifications

      • Slant to employer’s point of view

      • Why interested in organization, work, location

      • Refer reader to any enclosed materials

    Cover letter format continued
    Cover Letter Format (continued)

    • 3rd Paragraph - CLOSING

      • Best means to reach you if they need additional information

      • Indicate whether you will follow-up by phone

      • Thank reader for considering your application

    • Sincerely,

      • Sign your name

    • Type Full Name

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