medusa and p erseus n.
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Medusa and P erseus

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Medusa and P erseus

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Medusa and P erseus

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  1. Medusa and Perseus By : Lashay and Josiah

  2. Once long ago medusa and her boyfriend were madly in love and went to the temple because they wanted to be alone. Medusa and her boyfriend were in athena’s temple. When Athena looked down and saw them kissing, she was very angry that they would do that in her temple so she made medusa very ugly.

  3. Medusa’s sisters were also cursed they grew snake’s for hair to. She lived with her sister and they hid themselves from everyone so they would not see how hideous they were.

  4. there was a king but he was killed by his bad brother so that his brother can become king!. The bad brother shipped the dead kings wife and child away in a wooden chest in the ocean. They ended up in a new Kindom, Danea (his mother) and perseus grew up in this kindom and lived there for a long time.

  5. Perseus was sent to kill medusa . Perseus didn’t know where medusa would be so he went to ask the three fates. The three fates were old and they passed a eye and a tooth around to each other. The three fates didn’t want to tell perseus but perseus made them tell him because perseus stole there eye and they wanted it back.

  6. Perseus met a goddess named Hermes who gave him sandals with wings on them so he could fly to where medusa was. Then perseus met athena god of wisdom and she gave him a shield and a sword .

  7. Perseus flew to medusa’s cave with her two sister sleeping next to her and he cut off there heads all three of them. He put medusa head in a bag and took it back home.

  8. On his way back home perseus saw a girl tied to a big rock at the edge of the ocean. she was tied up because her father tied her up and was going to let a monster come and eat her. perseus flew down and untied her and turned her father to stone with medusas head.

  9. Perseus brought Andromeda back home with him and Perseus showed the king Medusa’s head and he turned the king to stone. So Perseus became the king and then also married Andromeda.