critical health care system n.
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Critical Health Care System PowerPoint Presentation
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Critical Health Care System

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Critical Health Care System - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Critical Health Care System. Shankar Somasundaram,Aditya Sane,Neelesh Mundra,Kunal Mundra CSIDC VESIT,Mumbai,India. Need for System and Parameters Measured. Health care for the masses in a densely populated country like India Critical health care parameters :- Respiration Rate

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critical health care system

Critical Health Care System

Shankar Somasundaram,Aditya Sane,Neelesh Mundra,Kunal Mundra



need for system and parameters measured
Need for System and Parameters Measured
  • Health care for the masses in a densely populated country like India
  • Critical health care parameters :-
  • Respiration Rate
  • Oxygen Saturation
  • ECG
block diagram components
Block Diagram components
  • Breathing rate, Oxygen Saturation and ECG are sensors used
  • Micro-controller used to multiplex and send signals to Level shifter
  • Level shifter converts TTL to RS323 values
  • Demultiplexed at receiver side .
  • Compared with values in database to check condition of signal and transmitted over the internet
  • Contraction of atria is associated with ECG called P
  • Q,R,S and T associated with ventricles
  • Abnormalities in ECG relates to difference in these 5 waves
  • Next slide shows abnormalities in ECG
ecg continued
ECG ( continued)
  • Wavelet transform would be used to analyse the ECG signal since it can resolve both time and frequency components of the signal
  • Wavelet transform require fewer terms to represent a signal and does not require time synchronization like FFT does.
  • For the project the ECG sensor was not built and ECG waveforms were painfully got from hospitals and analysed
oxygen saturation continued
Oxygen Saturation[Continued]
  • Pass red light through a earlobe
  • Bright red oxygenated blood will absorb most of the red light,deoxygenated blood won’t
  • Visible red light LED[640nm used]
  • To compensate for ear thickness,light source working at infrared used
oxygen saturation continued1
Oxygen Saturation[Continued]
  • ADC was a 2-channel 8 bit device compatible with 89C52 micorcontroller
  • Micro-controller reads data at 1ms duration and measures differential attenuation of the 2 signals to cancel external signals
  • Lots of design considerations were made to select each of the IC’s for the hardware[ not mentioned here]
limitations of oxygen saturation
Limitations of oxygen Saturation
  • Carbon Monoxide poisoning will cause the blood to change to bright red colour which the system won’t detect.
  • Strong drugs affecting blood colour will interfere with the system
respiration rate continued
Respiration Rate [continued]
  • Breathing rate monitored by thermistor
  • Instrumentation amplifier used since low noise amplification was required of the signal
  • Schmitt trigger converts signal to square wave
  • Micro-controller counts number of breaths
respiration rate continued1
Respiration Rate [continued]
  • Lots of design considerations were made when the IC’s for thermistor and Instrumentation amplifier was chosen
  • Oximeter samples data every 2 ms and transfers data to port 0 of 89C52
  • Every 1 s ,data from breathing rate comes to port 1
  • 89C52 switches between port 0 and 1 at these instants and transfers data to pin Rx
  • Sudden Infant Death syndrome :- Infant suddenly stops breathing
  • Geriatrics :- Can be used to monitor health of old patients from home
  • In Sports where efforts have been on, to have the runners run on the tracks and measure their ECG to monitor their health.Extra parameters can be measured with this application
future of health care
Future of health care
  • The critical health care link system might be in the direction of the future of health care