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Why you need a Catalog Management Software

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Why you need a Catalog Management Software - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Print catalogs drive sales and deliver value to many organizations particularly the ones in the B2B market. However, the procedures involved in the number of manual steps and other related myriad of issues makes publishing catalogs a nightmare for organizations.

Questudio’s Catalog management software helps create effective, accurate and market-specific catalogs that improve the customers’ experience. Enterprise Product Catalog Automation enables distributors, manufacturers, and retailers to boost sales and streamline product marketing with accurate product information managed in a central database repository.

Questudio with its years of experience can help businesses to manage product information and manage product catalogs for online, print or CD-ROM based catalogues.


Catalog management software gives the following benefits:

Structured Data

Most potentially usable information originates in an unstructured form. If the electronic data is unstructured, the raw material doesn't translate into sales. Creating content for print and web catalogs is a formidable challenge, one which Questudio can resolve. With Questudio’s Catalog Management Software, the right environment is created with provision of right tools for content authors, creative artists and catalog managers. Centralized communications can be established using a consolidated dashboard.

Quick Modifications

Companies need to create and modify catalogs on the fly according to the ever changing market conditions, competition, organization policies etc. The software allows quick creation of catalogs with professional page layout, table of contents, index, page numbers, formatting, style guidelines, flexible field definitions etc. Any changes can be immediately reflected with increased productivity and accuracy in both online and print formats for Automated PDF Publishing. Time savings can be achieved with automatic refreshing of product details like pricing, item descriptions, quantities etc.


Focused Search

With massive number of product ranges that are handled by the organization, both customers and the organization can get lost in the mire of products. It thus becomes important for companies to provide focused search options that deliver the exact information.

Multiple Users Access

The catalog management software allows product data entry and updating by various departments of the organization such as research, design, engineering, sales, marketing etc. simultaneously. The powerful relational database supports data accessibility, both locally or remotely. Security locks can be provided with ability to add new product sections, sub-sections, groups and store or tag technical information as required. Any number of product options, such as sizes, colors, price, weight, product photos, detailed descriptions and user reviews etc. can be entered.



It becomes important for the catalogs to be integrated with the company ERP system to facilitate e-commerce. Catalog Management Software allows online shopping portal management easy with synchronization of catalogues with the ERP/MRP systems, thus enabling system to system paperless ordering. Cross-selling and up-selling become a reality with facility for social reviews publishing. B2C like shopping ease is ensured in B2B purchases with checkout processes that create a purchase requisition for the procurement system and sets the subsequent procedures in action. Errors can be eliminated with end-to-end catalog planning and publishing by following a streamlined workflow.