procurement forum march 12 2008 agenda n.
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Procurement Forum March 12, 2008 Agenda PowerPoint Presentation
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Procurement Forum March 12, 2008 Agenda

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Procurement Forum March 12, 2008 Agenda - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Procurement Forum March 12, 2008 Agenda. Welcome Performance Appraisal Rating System and Guidelines 210.S Overview Contractor Performance Evaluations (NF 1680) Closeout Best Practices Wrap-Up. Procurement Training Forum. Contract Closeout Best Practices. Overall Best Practices.

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procurement forum march 12 2008 agenda

Procurement Forum March 12, 2008Agenda


Performance Appraisal Rating System and Guidelines

210.S Overview

Contractor Performance Evaluations (NF 1680)

Closeout Best Practices


procurement training forum

Procurement Training Forum

Contract Closeout Best Practices

overall best practices
Overall Best Practices
  • The best practices discussed today are used internally in our office to retire physically complete purchase orders, contracts and interagency orders.
    • Perform closeout activities every Wednesday.
    • All Closeout files are stored in one area of the office.
    • Files are distributed equally regardless of the issues.
    • One designee is responsible for obtaining accession numbers from Code 279 and issues box numbers under this accession as files are closed.
    • One designee is responsible for maintaining the accession binder with all of the forms and documents sent to PSST.
    • One designee tracks contracts transferred to LeGacy on Excel Spreadsheet.
    • By close of business on closeout day, each buyer and specialist is required to report on his or her closeout activities via email. Buyer/Specialist document file with latest status for future closeout days.
    • Formally invite PSST to closeout day every other month to discuss recurring issues with problem files.
best practices mr11s
Best PracticesMR11s
  • MR11s are identified as awards with delivery made, payment made; but have remaining undisbursed costs/funds in SAP.
  • Contact COTR for verification of completion of requirement.
  • Contact Contractor for status of completion of work and/or Final Invoice.
  • Contact Accounting for payment status.
    • Handcarry packages to Accounting
    • Retain copies in the office
    • Send weekly reminder notices to accounting
  • When final payment confirmed, add document to Accession list and store in designated retirement box.
  • Send accession form to Trina Haffelfinger.
best practices purchase orders
Best PracticesPurchase Orders
  • Physically complete awards are distributed by PM or designee among the entire office for closeout due to the volume of orders in the office.
  • Investigate Purchase Order History Tab
    • Do the amounts in “Invoice Receipt”, “Goods Receipt” and “Service” entry match?
    • If so, has the Technical Monitor confirmed all goods and/or services received?
    • If yes, then document is physically complete and ready to be closed in system.
  • Designee assigns an accession number and box number to the file. Purchase Order is closed and added to accession list. If applicable, close order in CMM, print report and store file in designated retirement box.
best practices large contracts
Best PracticesLarge Contracts
  • Physically complete contracts are distributed equally among Contract Specialists based on prior ownership or inheritance.
  • File is reviewed to determine any outstanding issues between the contractor and the Contracting Officer, such as claims & overruns, which must be resolved prior to transfer.
  • If document can be retired, we make a determination whether to retire internally or prepare contracts for transfer to LeGacy utilizing the “Contract Closeout Services Guide” dated August 29, 2007 and the contract closeout procedure work instruction.
  • In general, Purchase Orders and Fixed Price contracts are closed in the office; Cost type contracts and interagency agreements are transferred to LeGacy.
final thoughts
Final Thoughts
  • Since 2006, the office has closed 2,005 files including Purchase Orders, Large contracts, and Interagency Agreements.
  • Everyone must participate in closeout to make it successful.
  • Talk with your coworkers to make sure you don’t reinvent the wheel.
  • Get verification in writing when confirming final invoice status.
  • Don’t make assumptions on closeout procedures. The process is still evolving and as new issues arise, the process may change– call the PSST.