Making the most of a job fair
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Making the Most of a Job Fair! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making the Most of a Job Fair!. Michael Penwell , Career Advisor Lycoming College Career Services Center (570) 321-4034. Why should you go to a job fair?.

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Making the most of a job fair

Making the Most of a Job Fair!

Michael Penwell, Career Advisor

Lycoming College Career Services Center

(570) 321-4034

Why should you go to a job fair
Why should you go to a job fair?

  • To make a good (or great) impression in person (especially important if your resume doesn't necessarily stand out from the crowd).

  • To see that the real world is not organized by major.

  • To learn more about employers than you can learn from their web site.

  • Meet employers face-to-face…you are a walking, talking cover letter at a job fair!

Before you go
Before you go…

  • Know which employers are attending.

  • Go to any fair where the employers and their jobs interest you, regardless of your major.

  • Do enough research to make “A” and “B” lists of employers to meet.

  • Have plenty of copies of your resume.

  • Prepare a 20-30 second “commercial” to use with employers.

  • Know the dress code.

At the fair
At the Fair…

  • Watch your manners and mannerisms.

  • Don’t think that the fair is a social event!

  • Carry a simple padfolio to keep your resumes organized and ready.

  • Have an open mind about options.

  • This is your chance to compete with more than just a resume.

  • Handshakes MATTER! –

    Get a Grip: Handshaking 101

  • Don’t go to your top employers first!

5 things list part one
“5 Things” List part one…

5 Things to Take:

  • Copies of your resume.

  • A smile, a strong handshake, and a positive attitude.

  • A 30-second "sales pitch." Hand the recruiter a copy of your resume and be prepared to expand on it quickly! Share basic information about yourself and your career interests like this:

    • "Hello, I'm Carrie Jones. I'm a senior at Wonderful University and I'm majoring in English. I'm very interested in a marketing career. As you can see on my resume, I just completed an internship in the Marketing Division of the ABC Company in Peoria. I've also taken some courses in business marketing. I'm very interested in talking with you about marketing opportunities with your organization." PRACTICE!

  • Information about the organizations which will be attending.

  • Energy!

5 things list part two
“5 Things” List part two…

5 Things Not To Do:

  • Don't cruise the booths with a group of friends. Interact with the recruiters on your own. Make your own positive impression!

  • Don't carry your backpack, large purse, or other paraphernalia with you. Carry your resume in a professional-looking portfolio or a small briefcase works well. It will keep your resume neat and handy, and gives you a place to file business cards from recruiters that you meet. Usually you can stow your coat, backpack, or other gear in a coatroom.

  • Don't come dressed for rugby practice (or any other extremely casual activity). A career fair is a professional activity—perhaps your first contact with a future employer.

  • Don't "wing it" with employers. Do your homework! Research the companies just as you would for an interview. You'll be able to focus on why you want to work for the organization and what you can do for them.

  • Don't attend during the last half hour of the event.

5 things list part three
“5 Things” List part three…

5 Things To Take Home From the Fair:

  • Business cards from the recruiters you have met. Use the cards to write follow-up notes to those organizations in which you are most interested.

  • Notes about contacts you made. Take a few minutes after you leave each table to jot down these notes!

  • Information about organizations you have contacted.

  • A better sense of your career options.

  • Self-confidence in interacting with employer representatives.

    “5 Things” provided by Sally Kearsley,—Career development and job-search advice for new college graduates. -

Online tips
Online Tips…

Job Fairs:

  • How to Prepare for a Job/Career Fair

  • Career Fair Advice from Job Web

    Interview Attire:

  • Interview Attire

  • Dress to Impress

Wrap up
Wrap up…

  • Don’t wing it!

  • Go early and work it!

  • If you have questions, ask!

  • If you have any career questions, the Career Development Center is the place to be!

  • We are a busy office, and appointments can be hard to come by. Call early!

  • We are open all summer for questions and appointments.