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Traditional Asian Fashion

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Traditional Asian Fashion - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Traditional Asian Fashion
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  1. Traditional Asian Fashion Katie Schleper

  2. Kimono • A kimono is traditional Japanese garment worn by men, women, and children. • Kimonos are wrapped around the body, always with the left side over the right. The exception to this is when the dead is being prepared for burial. • The kimono is secured with a belt like wrap called an obi, which is tied in the back.

  3. Sari • Common Indian outfit, worn by women. • A sari is a rectangular piece of cloth about 5 to 6 yards in length. • Saris are usually embroidered on the border, sometimes with real gold thread. • They can be made of cotton, silk, or synthetic.

  4. Bindi • A Bindi is a forehead decoration worn in Southeast Asia. • They are worn in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan • They no longer signify age, marital status, religious affiliation, or ethnic background. (I’m guessing they used to.)

  5. Salwar Kameez (Shalwar Qameez, Shalwar Kameez) • A Salwar is the long pajama-like bottoms. • A Kameez is the long tunic. • The Salwar Kameez is worn by both men and women in South Asia.

  6. Cheongsam • A Cheongsam is the traditional Chinese dress for women. • The male version is a Changshan. • Some airlines in China and Taiwan have Cheongsam uniforms for their women flight attendants and groundworkers.

  7. Hijab • An Hijab is a type of head covering traditionally worn by Muslim women, but can refer to Muslim modest dress in general. • Most Islamic legal systems define this type of modest dressing as covering everything except the face and hands in public.

  8. Hakama Pants • Traditionally worn by Samurais to hide leg movements and give the illusion of floating. • Worn by both men and women, they are the traditional costume for many Martial Arts.

  9. Kaftan • A Kaftan is a Russian, buttoned-down cloak, worn with a sash, that reaches the ankles. • By the 19th century, the Kaftan was the most widely spread type of outer clothing among peasants and merchants in Russia.