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1950s Music – The Great Divide

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1950s Music – The Great Divide - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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1950s Music – The Great Divide. Music Appreciation. Compare the music. In the 1950s, many parents and people of the older generation were listening to artists like, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, and big bands.

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compare the music
Compare the music.
  • In the 1950s, many parents and people of the older generation were listening to artists like, Frank Sinatra, Perry Como, and big bands.
  • The younger generation were listening to artists like Elvis, Little Richard, Bill Haley, Chuck Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis.
compare and contrast
Compare and contrast
  • How would you describe the difference?
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HmQq6yLe2ww
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gj0Rz-uP4Mk
  • Discuss.
sinatra s view of rock
Sinatra’s View of Rock

“Rock and roll is the most brutal, ugly, degenerate, vicious form of expression — lewd, sly, in plain fact, dirty — a rancid-smelling aphrodisiac and the martial music of every side-burned delinquent on the face of the earth.”

– Frank Sinatra (1957)

music of rebels
Music of Rebels?
  • Rock and roll sent shockwaves across America. A generation of young teenagers collectively rebelled against the music their parents loved.
the devil s music
The Devil’s Music?
  • In general, the older generation loathed rock and roll. Appalled by the new styles of dance the movement evoked, churches proclaimed it Satan's music.
  • Rock and roll records were banned from many radio stations and hundreds of schools.
  • But the masses spoke louder. When Elvis appeared on TV's The Ed Sullivan Show, the show's ratings soared.
  • Do you like the same music as your parents and or grandparents?
  • Do you think that the music you enjoy today will be looked down upon by your children? Why or why not?
  • Do you think that there are stereotypes against certain music today? Explain.
important historical events
Important Historical Events
  • President Harry Truman inaugurated transcontinental television service on Sept. 4, 1951, when AT&T carried his address to the United Nations in San Francisco to viewers as far away as New England.
  • How do you feel this event affected music in America?
  • 1954 - Racial segregation is ruled unconstitutional in public schools by the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • 1955 - Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a public bus in Montgomery, Alabama.
highways and satellites
Highways and Satellites
  • 1956 - The Federal Highway Act is signed, marking the beginning of work on the interstate highway system.
  • 1958 - Explorer I, the first U.S. satellite, successfully orbits the earth.
jets and new states
Jets and New States
  • 1958 - The first domestic jet-airline passenger service is begun by National Airlines between New York City and Miami.
  • 1959 - Alaska and Hawaii become the forty-ninth and fiftieth states.
not as known but important
Not as known, but important

Don Everly (born February 1, 1937) and Phil Everly (born January 19, 1939), together known as the Everly Brothers, are country-influenced rock and roll performers, known for steel-string guitar playing and close harmony singing.


roy orbison
Roy Orbison
  • Roy Orbison (April 23, 1936 – December 6, 1988) was an American singer-songwriter, best known for his distinctive, powerful voice, complex compositions, and dark emotional ballads.
  • Know for the song, “Pretty Woman.”
danny and the juniors
Danny and the Juniors
  • Danny & The Juniors are a doo-wop quartet from Philadelphia formed in 1955, they are most widely recognized for their hit single "At the Hop", which was released in 1957.
ben e king
Ben E. King
  • Benjamin Earl Nelson (born September 28, 1938), better known as Ben E. King, is an American soul singer. He is perhaps best known as the singer and co-composer of "Stand by Me.”
chubby checker
Chubby Checker
  • Chubby Checker (born Ernest Evans, October 3, 1941) is an American singer-songwriter. He is widely known for popularizing the twist dance style, with his 1960 hit cover of Hank Ballard's R&B hit "The Twist".