marketing greenhouse products
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Marketing Greenhouse Products

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Marketing Greenhouse Products - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

  • Uploaded on plant02.htm. Marketing Greenhouse Products. 2181 Heather Dombroski. Upon Completion of This Lesson You will be able to. Describe types of customers and their needs Discuss and analyze marketing strategies. Employment/index.asp.

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upon completion of this lesson you will be able to
Upon Completion of This LessonYou will be able to . . .
  • Describe types of customers and their needs
  • Discuss and analyze marketing strategies Employment/index.asp

what is marketing
What is Marketing?
  • Finding or creating a demand for your product in the marketplace, when that is achieved potential buyers must be able to pay a fair price for the product
considering marketing territory for a greenhouse
Considering Marketing Territory for a Greenhouse
  • Most greenhouses have customers which are less than a days drive away
  • They generally sent trucks on a different route each day (Mon-north, Tues-east)
  • Economical situations should be considered (anticipated sales justify wear and tear on vehicles, driving large distances for a small order)
territory continued
Territory Continued
  • Number of potential customers in the area
  • Future expansion of sales in the area
  • Competition, gaining buyers, having the best product, building trust

marketing plants
Marketing Plants
  • With advance contracts bedding plants are produced by large greenhouses and sold to retail outlets
  • Sales are usually done in June after the main sales period (the retailer can prepare the best selling varieties)
  • When using the school greenhouse a contract should be drawn up between both parties
  • Selling to local customers gives students an opportunity to run and manage their own business for practice and experience
most sales are made through
Most Sales are Made Through
  • Garden stores
  • Flower shops
  • Roadside stands
  • Chain stores
  • As well as locals fiori_s_flowers.html

a potential buyer
A Potential Buyer
  • In order to successfully market greenhouse crops, a grower needs to know exactly who their customers are (retail outlets or mass markets or both). ta1.html

types of buyers
Types of Buyers
  • Mass market outlets are large stores that offer limited services and specialize in low prices. These outlets purchase large amount of greenhouse products.
  • Retail nurseries and garden centers may not be able to grow enough greenhouse products to satisfy their needs so they purchase finished crops from other growers. These customers are usually consistent buyers on a year-round basis.
types of buyers1
Types of Buyers
  • Florist shops generally purchase foliage and blooming pot plants on a year-round basis and seasonal crops for holiday sales. These customers do not buy large amounts of plants but they will purchase regularly each week.
  • Retail consumers are the biggest potential buyer for a greenhouse. Is your greenhouse interested in selling directly to the consumer?
customer s needs
Customer’s Needs
  • A greenhouse grower must produce crops that will be appealing and desirable to the predicted buyers. Successful greenhouses survive by satisfying customers with the products and services they desire. The type of customer has a large effect on the type of product grown.
buyer needs
Buyer Needs
  • Mass market outlets generally want small sized products that are inexpensive
    • increase the price of the product 10-20%
    • usually want 8- or 10- inch hanging baskets
    • Very seldom will they request specific cultivars or crops
    • Cost is a major consideration
buyer needs1
Buyer Needs
  • Retail nurseries and garden centers are more interested in quality but they are still very price conscious
    • They prefer 10 inch or larger hanging baskets
    • They are concerned about how the plant will perform for the consumer
    • Specific species and cultivars are requested White%20Hanging%20Basket.html

buyer needs2
Buyer Needs
  • Florist shops demand the highest quality. Their products sell for higher prices so they must have large, top quality plants.
    • do not request specific cultivars, but will preference colors
    • prefer larger plants than other customers
buyers needs
Buyers Needs
  • Desires of retail consumers are the most difficult to predict. The plants and colors preferred by consumers change from year to year
    • size of plants needed for retail consumers are very diverse but most are 4 & 6 inch
    • Perennials are big sellers in retail
    • Herbs are increasing and vegetables are decreasing
marketing strategies
Marketing Strategies
  • A marketing strategy is a written plan telling how the business will operate.
  • This plan can be modified and updated. There will probably be mistakes to be corrected and new ideas to be implemented.
  • Without a plan the business has no goals or direction and it cannot grow and profit
factors in marketing strategies
Factors in Marketing Strategies
  • Intended customers
  • Marketing area
  • Sales procedure
  • Operating hours
  • Advertising

  • Stationary with logo (ink pens, rulers, flower pots)
  • Writing gardening column in newspaper weekly
  • Provide gardening tips on radio
  • Providing plants for community functions
  • Professional and effective Ad
  • Etc.
is there any questions
Is there any Questions?