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  1. COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCESSTUDENT SERVICES STAFF MEETING Wednesday, August 8, 2012 10:30 AM – 12:00 PM Toy Lounge

  2. AGENDA Welcome Honors Carolina Jason Clemmons, Administrative Manager 3. Textbook Ordering Kelly Hanner, Course Materials Manager 3. Scheduling and Registration Procedures Heather Duncan, Assistant Registrar for Registration Services Karla Townley-Tilson, Assistant Registrar for Scheduling 4. Updates from the Office of Undergraduate Curricula Nick Siedentop, Curriculum Director

  3. Spring 2013 Scheduling Timeline • Aug. 10th - Course Schedule Maintenance ends • Aug. 13th - Sept. 13th - Scheduling team performs Room Assignments • Sept. 13th - Class listing available on Registrar’s website • Sept. 18th - Extended Course Schedule Maintenance opens

  4. Class Scheduling Reminders • Please monitor your class sizes and classroom capacities • Depts can add students through the 10th day of classes • Please contact us to add meeting pattern information to all classes • Process for adding Instructors to the Instructor table in ConnectCarolina • Feel the Power!!!! • Add and Drop Consent • Free Format Topics, (i.e. Second Titles) • Auto Calc button for instructor workloads

  5. New Student Orientation • Refer to Renee’s email on 7/31 with details of upcoming changes to classes for last NSO session on 8/17 • 7/31 - First Year restrictions were removed • 8/16 – First Year restrictions will be added back to classes • 8/17 – First Year restrictions will be removed after last registration session • After 6pm on 8/17 the classes are all yours!

  6. Waitlist Update • Per Educational Policy, starting Fall 2013, waitlists will no longer be purged prior to classes starting and will be active until the last day to add (5th day of term) • This updated policy will also limit the # waitlisted seats per class to 5 spots or 10% of total seats in class, whichever is higher • Classes with restrictions (by major, class level, etc.) should not have waitlists. At a minimum, any restrictions should be removed from once the cancellation date has passed • Students will only be allowed to waitlist through the cancellation date so that no new students can sign up for a waitlist • For Fall 2012 term, students may waitlist for a class through 11:59pm on August 9th. • Waitlists will be run one final time on August 10th • Waitlists will be purged and waitlist rosters distributed to departments

  7. Help! I can’t enroll… Top 10 Items to Check: Items 1-5 (Scheduling Related) 1. Department Consent 2. Reserve Capacities 3. Time conflict on REC sections 4. Discrepancies in LEC and REC capacities 5. Pre-reqs …cont.

  8. Help! I can’t enroll… Top 10 Items to Check: Items 6-10 (Student/Registration Related) 6. Active on program/plan stack 7. Term activation & eligible to enroll 8. Enrollment appointment 9. Service Indicators 10. Enrollment Request Search • Time conflict • Unit limit exceeded • Enrolling outside of appointment/dates • Restrictions on classes

  9. Enrollment Request Search…yes, again! • Navigation: Records and Enrollment > Enroll Students > Enrollment Request Search • Follow steps on Enrollment Request Search document (and “cheat sheet” handout!) to customize your fields • Enter at least two search criteria: • Option 1 when looking at student: Term & Empl ID • Option 2 when looking at class: Term & Class Nbr • Demo time!

  10. Auditing Policy • From Registrar’s Website : Academic Services > Policies and Procedures > University Policy Memorandums > UPM 09: Auditing of Courses • Process for non-UNC Chapel Hill students: • Auditor obtains permission from instructor & department chair • Consent indicated on Registration Add form (or dept.’s method) • Auditor brings form to Student Accounts to pay $20/class • Auditor brings permission and receipt to Registrar’s Office • Auditor fills out Non-UNC Auditor Form at Registrar’s Office • Registrar’s Office collects these three items and processes audit registration

  11. Undergraduate Curriculum Proposal Deadline • OCTOBER 15, 2012 (Monday) • Majors, concentrations/tracks, minors • Submit department memo (signed by chair) • Include Undergraduate Bulletin text showing changes • Effective fall 2013 • Additional instructions: • Courses • Submit in CRAS. If approved, will appear in 2013/14 UGB

  12. Undergraduate Bulletin 2013-2014 • Late-August: Units receive curriculum memo from Office of Undergraduate Curricula with attached course list. Review course inventory and submit any changes in CRAS. • Mid-October: Receive UGB file. Files will not include course list. • Mid-November: Return UGB file. • Mid-January: Last Curriculum Committee meeting for reviewing courses and last Administrative Boards meeting for reviewing curriculum changes for 2013/2014 UGB. • Early-February: UGB goes to press

  13. Implementing Recommendations from Independent Study Task Force • Communication • Independent study report: memo sent to chairs, DUSes, and department managers on 5/3/2012. • Implementation memo sent to chairs and DUSes on 7/11/2012. • Implementation steps must be completed by 11/6/12 (in time for spring registration) • Full report • Available online at:

  14. Implementing Recommendations from Independent Study Task Force • Renumbering courses • The Office of Undergraduate Curricula has already contacted departments/curricula that must renumber courses to align with the Standard Course Numbering System. • Special topics courses =*90 (i.e., 190, 290, 390, 490) • Internship courses =*93 (i.e., 193, 293, 593) • Undergraduate research courses =*95 (i.e., 195, 295, 695) • Independent study/readings courses =*96 (i.e., 296, 496) • Project will be completed by end of this summer, effective fall 2013

  15. Actions required no later than November 6, 2012: • 1. Require the use of a learning contract for independent study/research, directed readings, and other such courses that stipulates: • The number of hours per week of work expected from the student • The number of required meetings between instructor and student (include day/time of meetings) • Reading and writing assignment (and due dates) • Assessment information • A brief work plan • A formal approval process for the learning contract.

  16. Actions required no later than November 6, 2012: • Independent Study Learning Contract – Word Form(for Spring 2013 Registration) • OASIS is designing a template form (using Microsoft Word) with fillable fields • Form will be posted on CAS intranet or distributed electronically by late September • Departments/curricula can add additional information, requirements, etc., if necessary (but do not remove any items/questions) • Distribute (or make available) form to students when needed

  17. Actions required no later than November 6, 2012: • Independent Study Learning Contract – Online Form(For Spring 2014 registration) • OASIS will design an online form with workflow • Housed on the CAS website; departments/curricula can link to form from their website • Timeline and implementation TBD • A department-specific supplemental form is possible, but there will be one standard form for all departments/curricula • Some departments/curricula will be asked to help design and test the online form.

  18. Actions required no later than November 6, 2012: • 2. Determine a procedure for reviewing and approving learning contracts prior to registration for spring 2013. • Questions to think about: • How will students access/receive the form? (i.e., from the instructor, department website, department office, student services manager, etc.) • Who is the departmental approver (i.e. Independent Study Coordinator, DUS, or another faculty designee of the chair)? • (This will be important for the workflow of online form) • Is the student responsible for obtaining signatures from the departmental approver? Or does the faculty member submit form to departmental approver? • How/when will the student be registered in ConnectCarolina? • How/when will students be notified of approval? • Departments must maintain copies of this contract for a minimum of two years.

  19. Actions required no later than November 6, 2012: • 3. Sections numbers should correspond to an individual faculty member. • Prof. Jones = section #051 • Prof. Smith = section #017 • Ensure that students register for these courses no later than the last day of “late registration” (the end of the first week of classes) • Each faculty member may supervise up to two students in such courses per term. (For exceptions to this policy, see p.7 of report.)

  20. Actions required no later than November 6, 2012: • The limitation on the number of students supervised does not apply to: • Formal research methods courses, which are taught according to the standard class time format. (A syllabus serves as the learning contract.) • Capstone courses, where students working on an individual or group project register for a specific course taught by a faculty member in the normal course of his/her teaching responsibilities. (A syllabus serves as the learning contract.) • Faculty research laboratories, research programs, or established research groups in departments where students are part of a research team. (The learning contract still applies.) • Directed readings courses for a small number of UGRD students pursuing the same reading list. (The learning contract still applies.)

  21. Actions required no later than November 6, 2012: • 4. Limit the number of times the same special topics course can be offered to no more than two occurrences. • In ConnectCarolina: • Include secondary title in the "Free format topic" area • -Check box for "Print topic on transcript" • Include course descriptions in “Notes” section, and/or • A tentative syllabus should be made available in the main office • Courses offered twice should be submitted in CRAS for permanent number, preferably by October 15, 2012.

  22. Upcoming Meetings Student Services Staff Meeting Wednesday, December 12, 2012 at 10:30am Location TBD Directors of Undergraduate Studies Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 8:00am Toy Lounge