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B erkeley I nternational U niversity DELAWARE - USA

B erkeley I nternational U niversity DELAWARE - USA. Your Pathway to Success. Berkeley - History.

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B erkeley I nternational U niversity DELAWARE - USA

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  1. Berkeley International UniversityDELAWARE - USA Your Pathway to Success

  2. Berkeley - History Berkeley International University was founded by the forward thinking Dr. J. Robert Cleyton. His vision was to improve educational standards and performance of lecturers and students by creating a worldwide network of educational institutions that share information and resources. He wanted students to be proud of their Berkeley International University qualification and to be able to use the knowledge gained during their study  with Berkeley to advance their careers and give them the success they deserve in life for graduating from a superior and often difficult program of study.

  3. Berkeley - History Through adhering to high academic standards, a determination to provide courses which meet community needs and expectations, and a proud reputation for student assistance and innovative Special Transfer Credit Schemes Berkeley International University quickly spread its services and reputation across the globe from it’s headquarters in the USA.

  4. Expert and Dedicated Staff Our academic staff are experts in teaching, training and research, having been selected from prestigious institutions and organizations throughout America, Canada, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and Asia, all have a proven track record in their specialized field. Berkeley International University prides itself on not just the qualifications of the academic staff but also their experience in practical application of their knowledge in their area of expertise, the combined experience covers all areas some of which include; business, accounting, hospitality, management, non-linear mathematics, medicine, homeopathy, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, marketing, HR Management, education and IT.

  5. Extensive International Links Berkeley International University has extensive links across the globe with a number of Education Institutions and Professional Bodies. These formal links and working agreements are in the following countries; USA, UK, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, Iran and Switzerland. This network has allowed Berkeley to continually improve standards of education offered as well as develop a number of innovative degree programs to compliment the core traditional programs of study that are offered by most universities. Your Pathway to Success Berkeley International University

  6. Traditional Degree Programs Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA Bachelor of Information Technology Bachelor of Accounting Bachelor of Economics Bachelor of Psychology Bachelor of Arts in English Language Bachelor of Arts in International Business Communication

  7. Traditional Degree Programs Master of Business Administration – MBA Master of Hospital Administration - MHA Master of Public Administration - MPA Master of Arts in Linguistics Doctor of Business Administration – DBA PhD Programs (various)

  8. Innovative Degree Programs Bachelor of Hotel Management Bachelor of Event and Venue Management Bachelor of Technical Analysis Bachelor of Financial Investment and Management Bachelor of Medical Cosmetology Bachelor of Retail Management Bachelor of Science in Homeopathy

  9. Innovative Degree Programs Executive Master of Business Administration - EMBA International Master of Business Administration Master of Technical Analysis Master of Financial Investment and Management Master of Science in Human Resource Management - MScHRM Master of Arts in International Business Communication Master of Science in Homeopathy

  10. Certificate and Diploma Programs Berkeley International University and Overseas International Education Centreshave developed a number of Certificate and Diploma Level courses that concentrate on giving students the necessary skills as well as knowledge to compete in today’s workforce. A number of the courses can also count as credits towards a BIU Bachelors or Masters Degree Overseas International Education Centres’ head office is located in Brisabane, Australia and has been providing education services to countries throughout Asia since 1992. OIEC’sservices cover all aspects of education and range from supplying teachers through to full design and construction of schools, colleges and universities

  11. Certificate and Diploma Programs • Certificate in English for International Business • Certificate of English for Nursing • Flight Attendant Training Certification • Certificate in International Modelling • Certificate in Food and Beverage • Certificate of Event Supervision • TOEFL Trainer Certification • IELTS Trainer Certification • TOEIC Trainer Certification • TEFL Certification (Teaching English as a Foreign Language [for Native Speakers]) • TEFLNS Certification (Teaching English as a foreign Language by Non-native Speakers) • ITTC Certification (International Teacher Training Certificate) • Certificate in Technical Analysis (Financial Market Technician)

  12. Certificate and Diploma Programs • Diploma in Accounting (Book keeping) • Diploma of Business Management • Diploma in Marketing • Diploma in Public Relations • Diploma of Event and Venue Management • Diploma of Financial Investment and Management • Diploma in Financial Advisory Services • Diploma of Marketing Financial Investments • Diploma in Technical Analysis • Diploma of Hospitality Management • Diploma of Computer Management (Systems) • Diploma of Computer Management (Networks) • Diploma of Computer Management (Clients and Database) • Diploma of Retail Management

  13. Accreditation Berkeley International University is incorporated in the state of Delaware (DE)- USA

  14. Accreditation World Association of Universities and Colleges

  15. Accreditation Berkeley International University is a member of AAHEA – American Association of Higher Education and Accreditation Founded in 1870 to improve the standards of higher education offered through the sharing of resources and quality assurance standards. AAHEA is a non-profit organization and has a distinguished history of advancing education in the USA Berkeley is also going through the long and complicated process of obtaining accreditation with the Malaysian Qualification Agency - MQA This is a private organization appointed by the Malaysian Education Department to oversee the standards of education offered in the country. The MQA accreditation is accepted in more than 20 countries worldwide.

  16. Learning Centers BIU has extended it’s global coverage by forming partnerships with colleges and universities. The level of cooperation varies from institute to institute, with the majority of colleges and universities opting to run dual degree programs. The BIU Learning Centers see an increase in both student numbers and profitability through their institute gaining a more international image and reputation. A Dual Degree program gives students of the BIU Learning Center the opportunity to both receive a local degree upon graduation as well as a degree from BIU - USA

  17. Dual Degree Programs Option A The Institution offers BIU courses which would require BIU lecturers, if available, to come and teach at your institution. Minimum student number per course is 50 per year Option B The Institution provides BIU their courses to be ratified by BIU, so that it is approved and thus the student after studying the local course is automatically qualified to gain a Dual Degree Local and BIU (USA) Degree. Lecturers can be locally approved lecturers. Minimum student number is 60 for all courses per year. Option C The Institution provides BIU their courses to be ratified by BIU, so that it is approved and thus the student after studying the local course is automatically qualified to gain a Dual Degree, Local and BIU (USA) Degree. Main lecturers can be Local, but with additional seminars conducted at the Institutions premises by appointed BIU lecturers, if available. Minimum student number is 30 per class.

  18. Dual Degree Programs Benefits of offering a BIU Dual Degree The University or College gains an International Image for a very low cost The Institute gains access to a number of traditional and innovative degree programs The Institute increases student enrolment for both it’s own degree programs and the dual degree programs The Institute makes additional profit from becoming a BIU Learning Center The Institute gains access to the worldwide network of BIU Learning Centers, and BIU Education Agents allowing the institute to market for increased enrolment from overseas students The increased profitability for the Institute allows them to improve facilities , education standards and training. This in turn increases the success of the institute .

  19. Learning Center Application Procedure Berkeley Australia International (BAI) is the International Office for BIU and handles all learning center applications. First the Institute provides base information to BAI through your local agent, which includes; • Number of Enrolled Students • Alumni • Degree Programs currently running at the college or university • Details of lecturers to be approved by BIU • Which option of a dual degree program they would like to apply for • Which BIU Degree programs they would like to offer as Dual Degrees

  20. Learning Center Approval Berkeley International University will send a letter of approval to the Learning Center approximately 2 weeks after receiving the application fee. Prior to this happening the following must take place and your local BIU agent will help guide you through the process; • Agreement is reached between the learning center and BIU on which programs will be included in the agreement and ran as dual degree programs • Agree upon royalty fee paid per student • Ratification of the Institutes courses and lecturers by BIU (subject to fee being paid and documentation of courses provided) • Contract is signed between BIU and the Learning Center

  21. Berkeley International University Thank you for taking time to watch the Berkeley International University slide show for Colleges and Universities. If you have any further questions regarding fee structure, application procedure or program details please contact us through the details provided on our website www.berkeleyuniversity.us

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