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Reliable partner. FSP Galena. Is a dynamically developing Polish company with over 65 years of tradition and experience in : - pharmaceutical production , dietary supplements production , packaging , synthesis of pharmaceutical substances. . About company ….

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fsp galena
FSP Galena

Isa dynamically developing Polish company with over 65 years of tradition and experience in:

- pharmaceutical production,

  • dietary supplements production,
  • packaging,
  • synthesis of pharmaceutical substances.
about company

FSP GALENA provides services based on professionalism and many years’ experience.

Effective organization of manufacturing processes ensures the highest quality of our products, on each stage of the production.

Ordered contractual services are carried out at modern Drug and Supplements Manufacturing Department and Chemical Synthesis Department, according to GMP, ISO 14001 and HACCP requirements.

Our production potential enables us to individual approach to the customer and adapt to the needs and expectations of our partners.


FSP GALENA offers contractual services including:

  • productionof non-sterile medicinal products and dietary supplements form:
    • solid forms :
      • hard gelatincapsules,
      • uncoatedtables,
      • lozenges.
    • liquid form :
      • syrups,
      • drops.
  • packaging,
  • production of materials for clinicalresearch.

FSP GALENA offers full range of services in chemical synthesis on each stage.

range of services
Range of services:

We realize wide range of contractual services with great flexibility in term and abilities of the manufacturing process: medicinal products, dietary supplements, cosmetics, medical devices.

We offer comprehensive services including the following:

  • formulation and technology development,
  • outsourcing and purchase of raw and packaging materials,
  • comprehensive laboratory analyses (in our analytical laboratory):

- physico-chemical analyses (HPLC, GC, UV-VIS),

- microbiological analyses,

- analyses related to pharmaceutical form.

  • preparation of registration dossier,
  • manufactureof trial batches.
solid form production
Solid form production

We possess modern, innovative production lines for production:

  • granulates, using dry and wet granulation with fluidal or tray drying uncoated tablets (round, shaped, with engrave),
  • hard gelatin capsules filled with powder or granulate.

Productivity of the manufacturing process

enable to produce 100 000 capsules per hours.

liquid form production
Liquid form production

We offer comprehensive services range related to manufacture and packaging of the fluid form of medical products and dietary supplements:

  • purchase of raw materials,
  • testing of raw materials,
  • formulation development,
  • preparing of trial batches,
  • packaging (labeling, packaging into cardboard boxes, cumulative boxes, trays foiled in heating tunnel).

We dispose equipment to produce:

            • syrups
            • drops

We possess modern, high efficiency packaging lines to packagein :

  • PVC/PVDC/Alu blisters,
  • Individualcardboardboxexwih/withoutleaflet for patiens,
  • Displays,
  • Vials, glasscontainers, bottles, PE jars etc.

We also realize packaging „in bulk”

We offer assistance and consulting in

choice and purchase of the packaging materialsthe best for your products.


We have high – rack storage system, operated by integrated system ERP class.

Storage areaiscontrolled by temperature and

humdity monitoring system.

For ourcustomers we offer

short and long– term storage service. 

  • We offer high specialized van fleet, adjusted to meet
  • requirementsand standards for pharmaceutical industry.
  • All delivery vans are equipped in temperature monitoring system.
  • Our location enables a convenient connection with a road (Highway A4), rail and air transport network.
  • We guarantee:
  • competitiveprices,
  • individual approach to the customer,
  • greatflexibility in terms of services provided, adapted to partner’sneeds,
  • support on eachstage of cooperation,
  • services of the highestquality,
  • professionallogisticservice.
  • Eachjoint workingissuccessful!
  • Contact:
  • ul. Krucza 62
  • 50-984 Wrocław
  • e-mail:
  • Person to contact:
  • Tomasz Wojciechowski
  • tel. +48 71 7106 230
  • e-mail:
  • Klaudia Świderska
  • tel. +48 71 7106 261
  • e-mail:

We inviteyou to cooperation