honouring god in our giving n.
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Honouring God in our Giving

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Honouring God in our Giving - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Honouring God in our Giving. The Scriptural basis. Giving. as an act of Worship in obedience to the Lord to investing in the Kingdom of God to support the Body of Christ & mission to support those among us who live by the Gospel out of compassion for the needy. Content.

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honouring god in our giving
Honouring God in our Giving
  • The Scriptural basis


  • as an act of Worship
  • in obedience to the Lord
  • to investing in the Kingdom of God
  • to support the Body of Christ & mission
  • to support those among us who live by the Gospel
  • out of compassion for the needy
  • The Patriarchal scriptural precedent
  • Tithing under the Old Covenant
  • Harvest and Offerings
  • Integrity in our Means & Giving
  • Are we Robbing God?
  • Investing in the Kingdom
  • Some practical guidelines
the patriarchal scriptural precedent
The Patriarchal scriptural precedent
  • (First mention of tithing in scripture) Abraham gave a tenth of all he had to Mechizedek (the high priest of God who is a type of Christ) Gen 14v18, Heb 7v1-7
  • Abraham gave the very best - choicest spoils
  • Jacob promises to give God back a tenth of all that God gives him (Gen 28v22)
  • Note: Abraham & Jacob are the Patriarchs (Fathers) of promise - just as we are (Gal 3v6-9)and pre-date the O.T. the law of Moses by some 600 years.
  • So tithing in principle is not done away with by setting aside the law of Moses in Christ
tithing under the old covenant
Tithing under the Old Covenant
  • A tithe was allocated to the levitical priesthood as reward for their temple (tabernacle) service (Num 18v21, 24)
  • Likewise God challenges us to support those who live by the Gospel (Our obligations to Keith & Pauline & also to Chris)
  • The Lord’s people tithed from all the produce that was sown (Deut 14 v 22)
  • All the first born of men and animals was devoted to the Lord
  • The tithe is for the priesthood, the foreigner, the orphan & widow
  • Given so that the LORD would bless us in all the work of our hands (Deut 14v 29)
harvest and offerings
Harvest and Offerings
  • Choice First Fruits of the wheat & barley harvest brought to the Lord at the Feast of Weeks (at Pentecost)
  • The tithe from the fulness of the harvest brought to the Lord at the Feast of the Ingathering in the Autumn. (Ex 23v16, 19)
  • “Let no-one appear before the LORD empty-handed! (Ex 23v15)
  • God’s economy - tithing brings fruitfulness of the land and peace of heart (Lev 26v3-6 cf v15-16)
  • Abundance and multiplication comes from giving to God (2Kings 4v42)
  • Giving (Sowing) from a right heart - Reaping in God’s Covenant loyalty (Hesed) (Deut 11v13-14, Hos 10v12)
integrity in our means our giving
Integrity in our means & our giving
  • Does the Lord take delight in my offerings (Micah 6 v6-7)?
  • God requires Justice, Covenant loyalty, & a humble walk in God (v8)
  • God hates wicked scales, short measures and the riches of deceit (v10-12)
  • Otherwise we will sow much but not reap
are we robbing god
Are we Robbing God?
  • We can be robbing God in our (lack of) tithes & offerings! (Mal 3v8-12)
  • And thus bring our selves under a curse (lack of God’s favour)
  • Be careful to bring all that you know you should to God - don’t be deceitful, rather be obedient and generous
  • So that there is full provision in the Lord’s house
  • And put God to the test that you will be blessed by Him, in response
  • And he (satan) who Devours and Destroys will be rebuked
  • [Awesome example of Ananias & Sapphira (Acts 5v1-5)]
  • If we are waiting for a right time to start giving to God as we ought - we will never do it! (Eccl 11v4)
investing in the kingdom
Investing in the Kingdom
  • Principle of sowing in sorrow (sacrificially) reaping in Joy (Ps 126v5-6)
  • Where is your treasure? - It is where your heart is (Matt 6v19-21)
  • Be free from worry over material needs (v25-26)
  • Seek first the Kingdom (v33)
  • Give sacrificially (widow’s mite) - participating in support of the saints worldwide (Mk 12v41-44, 2Cor 8v1-5)
  • Recognising that we have God’s Riches At Christ’s Expense (GRACE) (2Cor 8v9)
  • We reap what we sow. Sow bountifully and keenly - not grudgingly or under compulsion (2Cor 9v6-11)
some practical guidelines
Some practical guidelines
  • Not under legalism in Christ, nevertheless Tithing is a good starting point or target to aim for. Let’s stop giving God the small change!
  • Seek the Lord as to His leading as to how much you give and then obey Him - (Clear conscience in our giving)
  • (Gross or Take-home? Split families?) Give from the money that you manage (i.e. have control over)
  • Decide what belongs to God first, before any household expense (bills) or personal spend (Dividing the cake!)
  • Give the dominant portion of your tithe to the church where you are pastored and fed before giving to other ministries