businesses tracking employees through gps n.
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Businesses tracking employees through gps

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Businesses tracking employees through gps - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Businesses tracking employees through gps. By Tyler Daniels. Social/Ethical Concern. Privacy - Employers monitoring employees every move - Can get employees fired for doing things they didn’t know were being monitored - Could monitor employees even when they are off the clock

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Presentation Transcript
social ethical concern
Social/Ethical Concern
  • Privacy
  • - Employers monitoring employees every move
  • - Can get employees fired for doing things they didn’t know were being monitored
  • - Could monitor employees even when they are off the clock
relationship between primary stake holder and it system
Relationship between primary stake holder and IT system
  • Employee
    • Can be a good and bad relationship depending on the employee
    • A good employee will be fine because they are doing what they are suppose to do and could get the recognition they deserve for their hard work
    • A bad employee won’t like it because it will lead to them getting caught doing things they aren’t suppose to do
how gps tracking works
How GPS tracking works
  • Most phones and cars now have built in GPS receivers in them
  • The receivers send up signals to the GPS satellites orbiting the earth
  • 3 or more GPS satellites pick up the signal, and use Trilateration
  • The satellites send down a signal giving the location
  • One receiver receives the signal, it uses the installed tracking software and sends it either to the business owners phone or email, or it will send it to the software companies site where you can log on to and view the location history
relationship between it system and privacy concern
Relationship between IT system and Privacy Concern

Always a privacy concern when personal information is being collected

Since the information can be sent to the software companies website, if that site gets hacked the hacker can have all sorts of personal information about the employees

Also, if your employer loses his phone, the personal information can also be lost.

Must rely on two people to hold sensitive information private and securely

impact of social ethical concerns on stakeholders
Impact of social/ethical concerns on stakeholders
  • Company using technology
    • + Can monitor employees
    • + Can insure max productivity
    • + Can help give accurate directions to employees who are on the road and decrease their down time
    • - Not all employees would want to be tracked
    • - Could lead to negative tension in work place
    • - Could lead to legal trouble if they don’t tell employees they’re being tracked
  • Employee
    • + Hard working, honest employees benefit
    • + Can increase productivity if they drive due to more accurate directions
    • + Could get proper recognition they deserve for their hard work
    • + Slacker employees get fired leading the way for better working partners
    • - Being tracked everywhere
    • - Hacker can easily get personal information if they get access to the software through website or employer phone
    • - Employer could find what places their employee likes to go and follow them there
    • - Employer can use it with them knowing
solution to one problem in criterion c
Solution to one problem in Criterion C
  • Problem – Employer getting in legal trouble for using the tracking software without employee knowing.
  • Solution – Company should educate employee about the software before hiring
  • - Set guidelines and company rules about where they can go and when
  • - Have employee sign consent form saying they are allowing the company to track them
  • - Company should tell their employee why they are doing this
  • This would work because the employee signed a consent form and knew that they would be tracked
  • It would also avoid any tense and/or awkward situations if the employee found out by themselves or from someone other than the employer
  • This software is greatly beneficial to a business owner and can be a great thing as long as it is used with good intentions and all information kept secure