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Упражнение по език PowerPoint Presentation
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Упражнение по език

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Упражнение по език - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Упражнение по език. четене и писмена работа. цветист с мешен книжарница поемам си дъх идва ми до козирката смъква се тежко бреме от плещите ми цял треперя хвърча в облаците уплашва ми се окото попивателна хартия купува те и те продава изправя се на нокти достига ми до ушите

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Упражнение по език

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Presentation Transcript

Упражнение по език

четене и писмена работа




поемам си дъх

идва ми до козирката

смъква се тежко бреме от плещите ми

цял треперя

хвърча в облаците

уплашва ми се окото

попивателна хартия

купува те и те продава

изправя се на нокти

достига ми до ушите

трепка ми сърчицето

три дена път с камили

find out

catch up

cold shoulder

from time to time

make a mountain out of a molehill

walk on air

make light of

walk of life

get to the heart of

cold feet

make fun of

get the feel of

when the hell freezes over

hold one’s tongue

wet blanket

Моля сглоби своя разказ от следните думи и словосъчетания.В няколко изречения включи една, три или всички от изброените примери, за да представиш хора, природа и действия.

като паднал от небето

сякаш мокра кокошка

черно на бяло

роден под щастлива звезда

удар на съдбата

стяга ми шапката

цепи косъма на две

с празни джобове

измъквам от калта

взема ми се акъла

държа под око

скръцвам със зъби

от камъка вода ще изстиска

с един замах

на драго сърце

you bet your boots

make up one’s mind

world’s is one’s oyster

within reason

wild goose chase

hold court

honeymoon is over

hold all the trumps

eat like a bird

every dog has his day

change off

boggle the mind

beyond measure

at odds

steal the spotlight

keep up with

going head to head with

run by year

hit the jackpot

win hearts

eaten alive

lose contact with

work better for

dive into

hanging out the window

make the perfect lap warmer

hang around

hang out with

to be losing faith with

date back from

effect of climate change

yell at

dent for

otter eats an alligator

in the run-up to the event

taking a hit

in the aftermath of its data breach

in the first place

be desperate to hear from

look for a needle in a haystack

rack brains

raise a question

get a raise

run errands

have a way with

1)Music has the power to delight the listener, improve well-being and uplift the soul. But sounds have more malign uses too. British calls have tried to ban the use of the Mosquito, a high-pitched-noise generator that is used to disperse groups of unruly teenagers from congregating points such as shopping centers and housing estates.

2) People have always been proficient at making trash. Archeologists already warn that at the tail end of 20th century a noxious kind of clutter exploded across the landscape: the digital detritus that has come to be called e-waste.

3) A group of management scholars from Yale and the University of Pittsburgh tried to discover if there was a link between a company’s success and the personality of its boss. First they said that a company could not be judged by its chief executive any better than a book could be judged by its cover. Elaboration followed suit.

4) Acronyms


НН Holding Hands

IAE In Any Event

IMO In My Opinion

IOW In Other Words

IRL In Real Life

J/K Just Kidding

JAM Just A Minute

LOL Laughs Out Loud

OTOH On The Other Hand

OTT Over The Top

SB Smiles Back

SYL See You Later

TIA Thanks In Advance

TIA Thanks In Advance

TNX Thanks

TTYL Talk To You Later


FOE Friends Of The Earth

GDP Gross Domestic Product

GEF Global Environment Facility

GNP Gross National Product

ICJ International Court Of Justice

IDRC International Development Research Centre

ISO International Organization For Standardization

SID Society For International Development

WHO World Health Organization

Благодаря на участниците, че с уважение и

по желаниеще изслушат всяко съчинение по

време на учебния час!