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More Brain Teasers. First Puzzle . A man pushes a car up to a hotel and realises he’s bankrupt. Explain how he knows this. Second Puzzle.

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Presentation Transcript
first puzzle
First Puzzle
  • A man pushes a car up to a hotel and realises he’s bankrupt.
  • Explain how he knows this.
second puzzle
Second Puzzle
  • A man lies dead in a room. There is a large pile of gold and jewels on the floor nearby, a chandelier attached to the ceiling and a large window through which rays are coming.
  • Explain what has happened.
third puzzle
Third Puzzle
  • Two children born in the same hospital, in the same hour, day and year, have the same mother and father but are not twins.
  • Explain this.
fourth puzzle
Fourth Puzzle
  • A couple build a square house. In each wall there is a window and each window faces north.
  • Explain this.
fifth puzzle
Fifth Puzzle
  • A man called to a waiter in a restaurant, ‘There’s a fly in my tea!’

‘I’ll bring you a fresh cup,’ said the waiter and went off to the kitchen area.

A few moments after the waiter returned with a cup of tea, the customer called out, ‘This is the same cup of tea!’

  • How did he know?
sixth puzzle
Sixth Puzzle
  • A hat, a large carrot, a long scarf, a pipe and a handful of large pebbles are lying together in the middle of a field.
  • Explain how they came to be there.
seventh puzzle
Seventh Puzzle
  • Three large people try to crowd under one standard sized umbrella. Nobody gets wet.
  • Explain this.
eighth puzzle
Eighth Puzzle
  • A man, dressed all in black, with a black mask completely covering his face, stands at the crossroads in a totally black-painted town. All of the streetlights in the town are broken. There is no moon. A black-painted car, without headlights, drives straight towards him but turns in time and doesn’t hit him.
  • Explain why this happened.
ninth puzzle
Ninth Puzzle
  • A passenger train pulls into a station but none of the people waiting on the platform moves.
  • Explain why.
tenth puzzle
Tenth Puzzle
  • In his own home a man watches as a woman dies, yet does nothing to save her.
  • Explain this.
first puzzle1
First Puzzle
  • The man is playing a game of Monopoly.
second puzzle1
Second Puzzle
  • The room is the ballroom of an ocean liner which sank some time ago. The rays are manta rays. The man ran out of air while diving in the wreck.
third puzzle1
Third Puzzle
  • The children are two of a set of triplets.
fourth puzzle1
Fourth Puzzle
  • The house is at the South Pole.
fifth puzzle1
Fifth Puzzle
  • The man had already sugared his tea before sending it back.
sixth puzzle1
Sixth Puzzle
  • It’s all that’s left of a melted snowman.
seventh puzzle1
Seventh Puzzle
  • It is sunny and hot and the people are taking shelter in the umbrella’s shade.
eighth puzzle1
Eighth Puzzle
  • It’s daytime and the sun is out.
ninth puzzle1
Ninth Puzzle
  • It’s a model train set.
tenth puzzle1
Tenth Puzzle
  • The man was watching the event happening on TV.