fifo sum look out pharmacy lean we come l.
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FIFO sum, look out Pharmacy Lean we come

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FIFO sum, look out Pharmacy Lean we come - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FIFO sum, look out Pharmacy Lean we come. Jane Maloy Chief Technician Northampton General Hospital. Workshop/ Presentation. What is Lean Game 1– be careful you don’t get wet!! Lean Principles WORMPIT Game 2 5S Lean at NGH. “A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

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fifo sum look out pharmacy lean we come

FIFO sum, look out Pharmacy Lean we come

Jane Maloy

Chief Technician

Northampton General Hospital

workshop presentation
Workshop/ Presentation
  • What is Lean
  • Game 1– be careful you don’t get wet!!
  • Lean Principles
  • Game 2
  • 5S
  • Lean at NGH
what is lean
  • Lean is simply a philosophy designed to help organisations systematically identify and eliminate activities and processes that are preventing them from being effective.
  • ‘Structured common sense’
history of lean
History of Lean
  • Lean started over 200 years ago
  • Toyota Production System (TPS) - Toyota’s Chief Production Engineer, Taiichi Ohno.
  • Reviewed what the company was doing and found that much of it was not adding value to the customer.
game 1 simulation
Game 1/ Simulation
  • Customer asks for three full cups of water
  • Cups 1 – 3 added every 15 seconds.
  • Time how long it takes
    • Was the order fulfilled? Any spillage?
    • How long did it take?
    • Where are the bottle necks?
  • How can you improve the process?
the 5 lean principles
The 5 Lean Principles
  • Value – understand what your customer ‘values’
  • Value stream - understand how you currently deliver value to your customer
  • Flow – eliminate bottle necks and constraints so that the value can ‘flow’
  • Pull – keep the process flowing by triggering activity only on demand
  • Perfection – drive for continuous improvement
the hierarchy of improvement
The Hierarchy of Improvement
  • Eliminate the Non Value Adding activity by getting rid of it completely.
  • If you can’t eliminate it Reduce the size or impact of the Non Value Adding activity.
  • If you can’t reduce it, can you Combine it with another activity.
wormpit waste
  • Waiting – waiting for things to start or arrive
  • Over-Processing (or overproduction) – this is doing more activity than is required or making more items than can be sold.
  • Rework – also known as correction, this is about repeating activities because of a problem.
  • Motion (& transport) – motion is the movement of humans and transport the movement of things
  • Processing waste –this is about doing things that do not need to be done.
  • Inventory – stacking information, materials or patients.
  • Talent –misusing the skills of individuals or teams.
key lean tools concepts
Key Lean Tools & Concepts
  • 5S is a tool designed to create a ‘Visual Workplace’.
  • A place where things are organised logically.
  • 5S originally came from 5 Japanese words that began with a sound similar to S in English.
game 2 simulation
Game 2 /Simulation
  • 5S Game
  • Follow the instructions given.
  • You must not look at the sheets until instructed and must finish when time is up.
  • Sort – remove unwanted items from the area to reduce clutter.
  • Set – set what remains in order and give each item a marked ‘home location’
  • Shine – keep the area clean and return items to their ‘home location’ at the end of shifts etc.
Standardise – define the responsibilities of Teams and Managers in maintaining standards.
  • Sustain – audit and improve the area
  • +1 Safety !!!!!!!!!!
lean at ngh
Lean at NGH
  • Staff attended simulation
  • Worked with Service Improvement Team
  • Identified area that needed improving.
    • Dispensing turnaround times from receipt of prescription to completing of checking.
  • Gathered and recorded data before making any changes.
  • Quick fixes
Current process mapping
  • Identified key dispensary staff to work with SI team.
  • Planning and Ideal process mapping
  • FIFO
  • Rapid Improvement Event (RIE)
  • Continue data recording – one week every six months and one day every month.

This area was 5S’d on 17th December 2008

Please keep it clean and tidy so that everyone can enjoy it.



  • Two Pharmacy staff completed the Improvement Practitioners Programme
  • Two Pharmacy staff took part in the Lean Associates programme.
  • Further Lean improvement in Stores and ASU.
what now
What now??
  • Lean simulation sessions still being held in the Trust and staff encouraged to attend.
  • Lean in Stores
  • ‘Milk run’
  • Enlarging ASU chemo support room – lean principles being applied to ensure efficient flow of work.
  • Installation of Pharmacy Tracker – ensure it adds value to the customer.
  • Ongoing Action Plan……………..
  • NGH Service Improvement Team
  • Chris Albone Service Improvement Manager (for keeping us all focused).
  • All Pharmacy staff.