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Ecuador. Venn diagram. New Zealand’s culture. Ecuador’s culture. Both. Shirba’s South America Shawl’s cuy. Forests Approx. Same population. L&P Oceania Rugby Pavlova. A day in the life of an Ecuadorian kid (Spanish*). *It is their main language

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venn diagram
Venn diagram

New Zealand’s culture

Ecuador’s culture



South America




Approx. Same population





a day in the life of an ecuadorian kid spanish
A day in the life of an Ecuadorian kid (Spanish*)

*It is their main language

Hola me nombre es alberto es que esta es mi primera vez escribiendo un diario. Asi que me levante esta manana a las cinco cincuenta, me prepare para la escuela y apenas lo hizo en el autobus la escuela era dura el maton de la escuela casi me tiene en prision, asi que no podia esperar a volver a casa a las 2pm. Mi madre hizo algunas cuy asado para la cena a las 11y me senti tan cansado cuando me meti en la cama me quede dormido al instante. No puedo esperar para hacer esto diario dia de manana y el dia despues, y asi sucesivamente. por Alberto

a day in the life of an ecuadorian kid translated
A day in the life of an Ecuadorian kid (translated)

hi my name is Alberto this is my first time writing a diary. So I woke up this morning at five fifty, I got ready for school and only just made it onto the bus. School was tough the school bully nearly got me in detention so I couldn't wait to go back home at 2pm. My mum made Some roast guinea pig for dinner at 11pm and I felt so tired when I got into bed I fell asleep instantly. I can't wait to do this diary tomorrow and the day after that and so on. by Alberto

information about the people and the flag
Information about the people and the flag

Yellow: The sun and the gold of their ancestors

Blue: The ocean and the clear skies

Red: The blood spilled by their heroes who died in the name of their homeland

Coat of arms of Ecuador

the coat of arms
The coat of arms

In the background there is Mount Chimborazo: highest mountain in Ecuador also part of the Andes.

The river Guayas is seen in the foreground with a steamboat named Guayas as well crossing the river

The sun on the top of the mountain and the zodiac signs surrounding it represents the duration of the March revolution in 1845

The condor (bird) symbolises the strength, power and greatness of Ecuador

The laurel on the left represents the victories of the republic

The palm leaf on the right represents the fight for liberty and independence

picture of the coat of arms
Picture of the coat of arms







Ecuador has a surface mass of 283,560 km

Contains the Amazonian rainforest

Ecuador has 2,337 km of coastline


Cuy- is a traditional Ecuadorian dish of roast guinea pig and potatoes

Ceviche- Seafood (shrimps, fish etc.) marinated in lime juice and served with bread

Hornado- potatoes and roast pig


Shawl- is a simple item of clothing, loosely worn over the shoulders, upper body and arms, and sometimes also over the headand is worn by women

Shirba- a long braid that nearly hangs down to the waist that men wear.


Google translate



the end
The End

By Joseph I hope you like it