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So LO MO. What every business needs to know about new marketing Strategy Ralph Sherman @ Madison2main . So cial- lo cal- mo bile. Term first coined by John Doerr , famed internet start-up investor at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

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so lo mo


What every business needs to know about new marketing Strategy

Ralph Sherman @ Madison2main

so cial lo cal mo bile

Term first coined by John Doerr, famed internet start-up investor at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers.

Describes the major levers in building successful businesses in the next decade.

drivers of so lo mo
Drivers of SO-LO-MO

Social Networks:

Inter-dependent Communities

of Interest

Main Street:

Local, Shared,

Accountable Media


Instant Empowerment

& Scale





60 seconds of

Social Media sharing—

constant conversation is changing behavior,

“democratizing” brands, consideration and purchasing.

lo cal new media is new point of sale
Local: New Media is new “point of Sale”
  • Old Media:
  • Awareness (Reach)
  • Attitude (Brand)
  • Action (Push- Not Interactive)
  • New Media:
  • Shared (Targeted)
  • Rated (Trusted)
  • Anywhere (Interactive)



lo cal enablement activation tools growing
Local: Enablement/Activation tools growing

Tech Device Penetration & Expanded Demographics: Smartphones everywhere and people who know how to use them

Apps That Make Money:

Many more proven models for monetizing search, visits and clicks

QR (Quick Response) Codes: Scan for “real-time” info and options (e.g., compare, share, activate)

Targeted Data:

Sites getting better at capturing, packaging

and selling detailed customer data

so lo mo conclusions
So-lo-mo: Conclusions
  • Markets have always responded to innovation, scale, convenience and affordability—SOLOMO strategy touches each platform
  • “Real-time” is a powerful consumer and seller “button”
  • Referral, testimony remains a powerful driver for B2B and B2C marketing—new media dramatically expands its value
  • Smartphone penetration is rapidly reaching the “tipping point”– content and app innovation is just beginning
  • “Old” media is not dead—Reach remains powerful dynamic, but targeting efficiency of new media requires careful integration of platforms and tactics

Thanks For Listening.

Ralph Sherman